SONY BDP-S370 not playing BD copy

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by Frank, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. fast eddie

    fast eddie Guest

    And the origional firmware that you are running on your BDP-S370 that is 18 months old is?

    Sony firmware update site will tell you how to identify what version you are running.
  2. another_user

    another_user Member

    I have a BDP-S370 and haven't had any issues playing any of my backups. My backups are in usually in one of 3 "flavors" using only single layer discs.

    1) Full disc backups of single layer originals.
    2) Movie only backups of dual layer originals using ClownBD when movie and selected audio fits on SL disc.
    3) Compressed movie only backups using BD-Rebuilder when neither 1) or 2) is applicable.
    (I have done a couple of compressed full discs using BD-Rebuider without issues too)

    I use ImgBurn to write all my optical media.

    Frankly this thread is worthless without basic information on the discs people are having issues with, how they were processed and the firmware version.

    The Sony BDP-S370 is also definitely not a "New" player. I've had mine a year and it was out quite a while before I got mine. The first post in the avsforum thread on it was Feb 2010 so it's been available at least that long.

    Given its' popularity, either the reports are flawed and due to other issues or it's due to a recent change in the firmware or AnyDVDHD.

    To write this off as "Looking more like just a poorly designed player." as Frank suggests is pretty appalling given the player's history.

    And comments about it playing non BD media formats have no relevance to this threads topic.

    Can we at least get the specifics of the reports that Slysoft has received??? Player firmware, disc title and processing used at a minimum.
  3. another_user

    another_user Member

    I went through ALL the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews and the only complaint I found about it playing discs, originals or backups was someone complaining that their home movies wouldn't play unless the disc was "finalized".

    Can you post a few of the reviews you found that support your conclusion that "this player is simply hit and miss with playing some copies"?

    Are they hiding in the 80% of the reviews that gave it 4 or 5 stars. BTW, take out the low reviews from the folks who gave it low ratings because it's a lousy media player (true) or didn't include a WiFi adapter and the adapter is expensive (true but a wireless bridge isn't and is far better) and that percentage of 4 and 5 star reviews gets a lot higher.

    The S370 is known to not play full backups in AVCHD format although I don't remember if that's only true for discs with Java (most?). Beyond that, I've never seem complaints about it before here or in the BD-Rebuilder forum on Doom9.

    Please don't close this thread until we get some solid information. If it truly has issues, I want to know but unless it's the last one or two firmware updates causing it, I'm pretty skeptical it's the player given my experience with it and the lack of issues reported with backups over the 20 months it's been available.
  4. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Called as seen

    Super. Good for you! I'm sure there are just LOTS of users out there using this player w/o problems but.....

    When users here and in Support describe to me the very simply scenario:

    1. I copied "x" number of BluRays

    2. Some will not play in the BDP-S370. I used the same method to copy each time.

    3. All my copies play in my PS3 and any other external player

    4. End of information gathering.

    Got it now? If not:

    1. copy methods for those discs used were the same

    2. Some copies play just fine, others not.

    Should we assume people make this up? When this issue first came to Support I also was a little skeptical until several more tickets were opened. Looking around the Internet showed "playing" issues for various formats and clearly "plays everywhere except on this BDP-S370".

    Looks pretty clear to me that this is another hit and miss piece of hardware and my intent was to gather info from the community to see if this is borne out or not. Seems it is.
    And it is least likely a firmware issue as it appears various levels fail so it's the usual circumstances in the design problem and not a diabolical plot.

    Closing this thread now as further debate about an obvious hardware tolerance issue is pointless. Since we often get tickets from users asking for help with "copy won't play" this at least is one more thing we can look to as a possible problem source.
    Thanks for all who added their input here.

    Edit: Re-opening 7 November on request. If this starts getting political I'll close it again. Now that we know this is a "works for some but not for all" HW thing it's really moot.
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  5. RockyBlu

    RockyBlu Member

    Has there been an update for this issue? I also have the BDP-S370. It will not play any of the Star Wars backup discs, but it does play The Lion King.
  6. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Up to SONY, really

    As I said, it appears to be hit and miss and there is nothing one can point to and say "aha!". Direct any queries on this to SONY.

    My intent with this thread was only to alert to the exposure that some discs/copies will play in this particular player and other will not.

    There is nothing SlySoft can or will do about this problem.

    I'm closing this thread now.
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