Sony BD-R XL 128 GB Quad Layer

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  1. happyguy82

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    I wasn’t aware until recently that 128 GB discs are finally here. Only Sony makes them now. I have one and it works like a charm. Just thought I’d let people know.

    There was a time when we all thought 128 GB discs would never hit the market....
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  2. coopervid

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    ...but that really doesn't help with stand alone players. Some support 66GB max, only one supports 100GB max.
  3. happyguy82

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    Ahh I wasn’t aware of that. But if only 1 supports 100GB max, how do the rest play 4K UHD titles like Transformers The Last Knight? That movie is about 95GB.

    Anyway I’m using the 100 and 128 GB discs to archive data.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Some (here) use clonebd to shrink them down to BD50. Plays fine after that.

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  5. coopervid

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    I should have been more specific with my statement concerning discs @66GB and 100GB. This was meant for discs created by a BD burner drive and not for original movie discs.
  6. happyguy82

    happyguy82 Well-Known Member

    Ahh interesting... thanks for the info.
  7. 2dmartin

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    I see 128GB discs and burners are being discussed here. I raised a question on the CD/DVD/BD Drives forum related to my problem with 128GB discs. I hope it's ok to paste the same question here?


    Hi Folks. I've run out of ideas and should have come here sooner!

    I want to burn 128GB BD data discs. I want to use an external USB-connected drive.
    2 or 3 years ago I purchased the Buffalo BDXL drive BDR-209M. It worked fine with 25GB and 50GB discs. And then a year ago I got hold of 100GB discs and it did not recognise them.

    After a protracted discussion with Buffalo they agreed an exchange. The "new" BDR-209M does indeed read and burn 100GB discs, but does not recognise the Sony 128GB discs that I recently purchased. Buffalo claim they have tested it and it works, but they are still looking into it (I have no idea what they are looking at - I have given them nothing) and will get back to me. !!

    So I bought an ASUS BW-16D1H-U which also says on the tin that it can handle 128GB discs. Like the Pioneer (sorry, Buffalo), it does indeed read and burn 100GB discs but does not recognise 128GB discs. I had a discussion with ASUS support. They supplied a firmware updater tool (without telling me what firmware it contained) but it 'failed'. They said, because it's the same level as installed. That's perhaps not surprising as the unit is new. They have just told me to ask my supplier for a replacement or refund.

    I now have little confidence that a replacement will be any better.

    Am I doing anything obviously wrong?

    For example I have 3 BD burn tools: ImgBurn, BurnAware and Power2Go, latest versions of each. Should I be trying something else?

    I have blank 128GB discs, but it might be useful to have a 128GB disc containing data. If so, could some kind person (preferably in the UK/EU) burn a disc for me wth some random data if I supply one?

    Here's what BurnAware sees of my drives.

    Vendor: PIONEER
    Product: BD-RW BDR-209M
    Firmware version: 8.50
    Serial number: RHDL026797WL
    Connection type: USB
    Interface: Serial ATAPI
    BD-R: Read | Write
    BD-RE: Read | Write
    BD-R XL: Read | Write
    BD-RE XL: Read | Write

    Vendor: ASUS
    Product: BW-16D1H-U
    Firmware version: E114
    Serial number: SADL050602WL
    Connection type: USB
    Interface: Serial ATAPI
    BD-R: Read | Write
    BD-RE: Read | Write
    BD-R XL: Read | Write
    BD-RE XL: Read | Write

    Any and all suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks!
  8. eviltester

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    Well I am glad that you finally have them but they have been around for about a decade now since we've been using them since then for backup purposes.

    They were originally designed for the professionals & not the general public. If you scour the net (wikipedia, Sony, Panasonic, etc.) you will find that Sony first made them available to professionals back in 2010. That is when my first knowledge of them existing came to light from my videographer friend Peter who introduced us to them. We have been using them since then for our business.

    Aside from Sony's/Panasonic's Pro series ODA drives (reads & writes them) we have discovered that the LG WH16NS48 firmware 1.3 will read/write them flawlessly. Most Pioneer drives & LG will read the 128GB discs such as the Pioneer BDR-S09XLT & similar.
    I will be doing up a post shortly of our 4K UHD journey in another section here at Redfox that should enlighten many. You all will be amazed that they also have 1.5 TB optical discs & 3.3TB discs & all the way up to 5.5 TB. Those same ODA drives read & write those larger formats too but I doubt anyone here will be buying them since the ODA drives are for Professionals & business' & are in the $10 K - $35K price range :)
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