Sony accros/Clonedvd2/Shrink/transcodes/encoders

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    Sony accros/Clonedvd2/Shrink/transcoders/encoders

    You could always quit using shrink and go with CloneDvd, just a thought, I won't bother to get into the fact that Shrink is old and out dated, oh wait, I wasn't going to get into that. :agree:
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    Come on man ... you're gonna start a fight. I don't compress, so I have no use for Shrink, but it is an undeniable fact that Shrink's "Deep Analysis" feature is untouchable regarding the playback quality of a disk compressed below 80%. So I respect people who do want to compress and make use of that feature.

    So far, for the most part, this new SS forum improves over the cdf forum by not taking shots at freeware users and they don't take shots at us ... so far. In this AnyDVD area of SSF, I vote for respect for different personality types and respect for different points of view regarding software choices that work or need help working with AnyDVD.

    I know you were just half kidding around and have free speech rights so please don't take my posting as getting "heavy" on you as an individual. It just gave me a chance to express something I've been thinking about. That being that I got tired of all the jackle-like-nipping and "enemies at the gate" mindset of the arguments on cdf and find SSF very refreshing. No dis intended toward you. Just MHO.

    Best regards,
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    No problem, it's all good, and I understand your point and I love the idea of getting help from all and all respecting. I respect Shrink, no problem at all there, it's just with people always saying, well here is another one that won't work with Shrink, and I understand they expect AnyDvd to make it totally compatible with Shrink but it's not and probably never will be, so I get frustrated when I keep seeing the same type of posts. Slysoft doesn't make Shrink so why would they really worry about making AnyDvd totally compatible with it and making sure all movies will back up with it? They have CloneDvd for that, and since they make money off of CloneDvd I think that is where they focus their efforts, for which I can't blame them. If people like Shrink and want to use it that is cool, no problem here, it just bugs to keep seeing it come up in the posts about it not working. Maybe what people could do instead, is ask SS to put in some kind of deep analysis, like Shrink, into CloneDvd, and then I think everyone is happy, well not everyone, but most. I just don't understand why it comes up on the SS when nobody supports Shrink anymore, least of all SS. I guess what people are getting after is to have AnyDvd take out all protection so Shrink will work on all backups. I guess what I am trying to say is go ahead and use Shrink, but if it doesn't work with all movies, don't blame SS. I guess that's about as clear as MUD!!!
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    You mean for a transcoder, right? But then some Recode users might get a little upset with that claim as well (and rightfully so). Procoder, CCE, and other encoders walk all over Shrink's transcoder quality.

    Anyway, I agree that this thread has the potential to turn into a big fight. Let's remain calm everyone . . .
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    Right, right ... exactly! best results for a transcoder. Encoding has a time factor but better quality. But ... it's all a "not" issue for me because, like you, I split or Double Layer my backups.

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    Nero Recode uses a transcoder as well, but you probably already knew that.

    This is an important point. Clonedvd is faster than Shrink at transcoding (when Shrink is using Deep analysis). It seems to me that, in general, the longer you wait to transcode or encode, the better the quality results should be. That's the tradeoff (time vs quality) if you choose to transcode or encode.
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  7. Clams

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    And you can STAY frustrated. :p

    Us devout users of Shrink were quite happy until a couple months ago when Saw3 came out. Slysoft doesn't make Shrink? Well Slysoft doesn't make CloneDVD2 either. It's made by Elaborate Bytes (ELBY) in a whole 'nother country. Whatever cross marketing arrangements they have are none of my business - nor could I care less - I'm not a stockholder in iether.

    I don't care if Elby updates the transcoder in CloneDVD2, what needs to happen is for Slysoft to update the ripper in AnyDVD to account for the new Sony crap. That's when the whining will stop.

    As it is now, it's easier with the new sony disks to just leave AnyDVD shut off and use the FREE version of DVDFab to rip the whole disk to the drive. Ya.... that makes AnyDVD look real usefull going into the future - huh??

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  8. waxman

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    Why do they need to update the ripper in AnyDvd, it works just fine? I have no problems backing up any Sony movies, or any movies for that matter. And since you don't use AnyDvd or don't like the ripper, Why not just stay with ript-it4me, or some of the others? If compression is an issue you could always go to DL or split DVD's, or just stay with Shrink. Still frustrated!! :agree:
  9. Clams

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    The AnyDVD ripper does not work just fine anymore. The stuff it rips from Sony still has copy-protection. And just to clear it up, I'm a registered and overall happy user of AnyDVD, it's just when that new Sony crap comes along AnyDVD pukes and I need to use the free DVDFab ripper to get the job done.

  10. waxman

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    So you just made my point for me, if that is what works for you then go that route, why complain about AnyDvd? I see what you are saying with the ripper, and if DVDFab works better for you, why not use it? And if it continues to work better, then AnyDvd might have some work to do or risk losing out to one of the freebies. I like AnyDvd and CloneDvd because they work for me, one or two clicks and I am done, the quality is plenty good for me and great for my kids, so I don't need to go a different route to make it work.
    I just don't understand why people complain about Shrink on this, the SlySoft site, when SS has nothing to do with it. What they need to say is that they hate the AnyDvd ripper and then we might be able to go somewhere. I am not trying to be a jerk and I hope it doesn't come across that way, I just want to try to figure out why it's such a big deal when there are other options out there, if AnyDvd doesn't work for some, then there are other options. Peace.
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  13. waxman

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    Ok, I am sorry, it wasn't ever meant to be angry or a pissing match, but I see where it's going and that is nowhere, so i will let it drop. Thanks.8)
  14. Clams

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    If (as you suggest) it's a deliberate marketing ploy to sell more copies of CloneDVD2, then all the more reason to keep the chatter and the spotlight on the issue. And to point out that unhappy people don't need to buy iether one of them - they can use the totally free version of DVDFab Decrypter to rip and then import it into Shrink.

    I did not buy AnyDVD to be held hostage to CloneDVD2 - get it now?

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  15. waxman

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    Totally with you. I can only guess as to that is what they are doing, but it would make sense, from a money stand point, for SS. And that looks like the road many are going so as not to use/pay for CloneDvd, just using a free app to get what they need. And I can see alot of people going the DVDFab Decrypter way, it free and it does what many want.
    I just don't see SS changing anything in the near future, but I could be wrong. :doh:
  16. SLaTheR-

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    Well that's too bad. I always recommended AnyDVD to anybody I knew who was into backing up discs. That has definately changed. I now tell them about DVDfab Decrypter.

    I still use AnyDVD when backing up older movies, but anything new is done with other programs. I thought maybe SS would eventually get their program working with shrink again, but I have already seen that this will never happen. I also will not be held hostage to the purchase of another program that one day will probably not work.

    I will return to the free way fully again soon. I wish it were different, but that is what I am being more or less told to do, well AnyDVD had a good run while it lasted I guess.

    I will no longer recommend it.
  17. G-Omaha

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    I'll throw in my nickel's worth here.

    AnyDvd has an option to RIP a DVD to the HDD. I think it is called "Any Ripper". It can not overcome some of the "Navagational" "ERRORS"; however, the product (ANDYDVD) does include "Navataion typoe Messages" when evaluating a particulr DVD. "Any Ripper" is ineffective with DVD's such as SAW3 (full Disk Copy - type of thing).

    Then consider their "Marketing Material" about being able to "do their thing" in the background.

    I evaluated AnyDVD in the past and did not buy it because of the "lack of delivery" - Now that I have have purchased most of their products (OK, months ago) - it's DaJaVu.........

    I think something smells (and it ain't my farts)..
  18. linx05

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    Could somebody who has Saw 3 and AnyDVD rip the whole disc to their hard driver using other means besides the AnyDVD Ripper and CloneDVD.

    Now download PgcEdit and open the DVD in there. Allow PgcEdit to do its scanning when the DVD first loads. Once that has completed, hit the now clickable Ok button and go to DVD > Delete Uncalled PGCS. Let it do it's thing and hit ok when asked to. Save the DVD (File > Save DVD) and close PgcEdit. Open up FixVTS and with that load your ripped DVD in there. Enable all three options, "Remove Unref. and blank cells", "Fix wrong PGC LBA pointers" and "In Place (no backup!)".

    Now, the big question, will this load into DVD Shrink? Can someone please let me know if this works? I am very interested to see if it does, I dreamt it up last night. Also let me know how many Uncalled PGCs PgcEdit removes.

    Thank you.

    p.s. You all know my stance on this DVD Shrink saga. DVD Shrink accepts a clean DVD, and that's what I want AnyDVD to produce, a clean DVD without all the crap left over.
  19. cool_desac

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    Up with AnyDvd

    I find AnyDvd indispensable in my rips simply because it works doggedly in the background. And for me this means one step less, so many minutes shorter, and so many Gb conserved. What is most is that the software is updated constantly, even to solve the individual movie ripping problems.

    I use software other than Clonedvd2. But in my short trial run using CloneDvd2, I found it versatile and would do as my main compressing program. Right now I find its price still prohibitive, and that I can do with some other more cumbersome software for the meantime.

    :bowdown: if I do get CloneDvd2 cheaper!
  20. TPLAT

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    No offence to anyone here but I dont see the point in complaining when someone is using a free program that is no longer updated and runs into problem(s). I personaly prefer to use a program(s) that is updated to keep up with newer movies and I am willing to pay for that ease of use, convenience and doesnt take up to much of my time. Its like that old saying, you get what you pay for. No program is perfect especialy ones that are no longer updated. Just my opinion.