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Feb 3, 2007
I've been copying on Clone DVD and have found they some of the movies are actually copied and some say "no disc" in my DVD player. I'm using a brand new burner from CompUSA Internal Double layer DVD=/-RW Drive w/ Lightscribe and burning onto DVD-R 4.7gb 16x recordable media. I've installed all my updates for CloneDVD. The discs will playback in one DVD player but not in another in my household. Now I'm taking a trip and all I have copied will not play on my portable DVD player except one I have copied.
Also what is the usual record/write time? It takes sometime up ti 1 1/2 hrs for the whole process.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!:confused: :confused:
Try this??

I have had a similar proplem long time ago. Try this??
1: Don't burn any higher than 4x speed.
2: Could be the brand of disc your using; I prefer TDK 1-16x speed and recently started using LG 16x speed disc, never had a failure yet.
As for burning time, I average up to 45 minutes depending on the DVD using CloneDVD2+Any DVD

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Fickle DVD's

The best blank media for recording back-ups is Taiyo Yuden. You can burn at higher speeds than 4x but there can be no interference from other applications that are possibly running in the background. You must make sure that all other applications such as auto updates from the internet or any type of anti-virus scanning software aren't running while burning. The burning process uses a great deal of the pc's resources and needs them to do so. Another thing I'd suggest is to make sure your disc are booktyped to DVD-ROM. This way, all players are tricked into believe they're reading from DVD-ROM rather than from burned blank media of any format. Hope this helps!

Also burn times vary according to size of files on each disc but will be much faster as long as nothings running in the background except AnyDVD.
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How does it work?

Making your dvd player think you,re playing a dvd-rom this sounds very interesting,:agree: I would like to know more:D