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    That is a very important thread in my opinion.

    dolphinius_rex is otherwise known as the Digital Dolphin, and he has done some excellent reviews of Benq drives over at cdrlabs, and he's well known source on blank media in the burning community. His comments are pretty interesting.

    I was previously aware of the bonding issue with TY media, but I was of the opinion that issue was being addressed.

    In particular, I found this post amusing:
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    Very Interesting Indeed! I buy 400-600 TY montly and have for aprx 18 months. Never had any problems. Maybe 1 bad burn every 2 months from a huge bank of NEC burners. Internal, external and 3 tower duplicators.
    Oh...I'm not a bootlegger, I author mass production teaching DVD's that are distributed Worldwide. Of course I make my own back-ups too.
    I have heard there is a problem with fake TY on the market. Possible?
    I suppose there could have been a bad run, even Lexus, Mercedes etc have recalls.
    If you get more info please pass it along.
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    Interesting info on TY media and the bodning issues. Do you or anyone know if that also applys to their Premium Line media on super media store website? I have used alot of TY`s and rebranded TY`s, I also use alot of Verbatim inkjet printable, Verbatim non printable and MIJ Maxell printable dvd`s.
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    Yes, but these aren't fake. The Digital Dolphin knows his stuff (although I'm sure we don't always see eye to eye).
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