Some Questions RE: Backing up HD DVD/BD Discs

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Shadow Lord, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Long time AnyDVD user just entering the HD market. Up to now AnyDVD has worked beautifully for me. Basically I have AnyDVD running in background, I amke an ISO file of the movie, tuck my DVD in its case and hide it somewhere safe, and play the moviwe by mounting the ISO file. Nice and easy.

    Yesterday I got me a new HD DVD/BD PC Drive (LG GGC-H20L) and had a few questions:

    1. I noticed that I can not read BD (and I assume HD DVD) discs from win XP. I looked around and found a UDF 2.5 reader that now allows me to access the file content of these dics. Will this cause a problem w/ AnyDVD HD?

    2. W/ AnyDVD HD loaded how can I make ISO copies of the discs? I tired my usual program (LCISO Creator) w/ no luck (would do nothing). Also tried Ultra ISO and still nothing (although it did make a 22GB file) which when accessed whoed nothing in there. What program are you guys usign to create backups?

    3. Assuming I can make an ISO can Daemon Tools mount ISOs of HD DVD and BD just like regular DVD?

    4. Finally, when making a backup ISO of these discs w/ AnyDVDHD do I need to have AnyDVD HD running for playback after mounting the ISO or not? (In fact how does this work with regular DVDs? I've always assumed the ISOs contained the protection so you needed AnyDVD running after mounting to playback...)

  2. Shadow Lord

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    WOW 71 views and not one response.. Here is a *bump* just in case
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    some answers...

    1) When I had my UDF 2.5 reader installed I had no issues with AnyDVD HD, they ran perfectly fine together. Basicly the UDF 2.5 reader just allows you to view the folder structure in windows XP.

    2) I am currently using IMG Burn and mounting the images with Daemon Tools and I have no issues playing them back. I am also using the latest version of powerDVD even though I lost my capability to playback from my HDD, but with the ISO's from IMG Burn I am ok.

    3)I think I answered #3 above.

    4)Once you've made and IMG you no longer need AnyDVD for playback of your movies. Because AnyDVD removes the protection on the fly you're creating the images with no protection. So DVD's you can burn to disk and play them back anywhere. Same would be true with HD and BD movies. Except of course BD+... On that note... DAMN YOU FOX!!! ;-) Hope that helps.
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    Thank you. That helps alot. Made my first successful backup of a BD disc tonight using img burn.... Now to wait for a few amazon sales to buy some HD DVD/BD discs and grow the collection...
  5. GaPony

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    That's a pretty neat trick if you burned a BD disc with the LG GGC-H20L... its only a reader for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and only burns DVD and CDs.
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    Hmmm... Just reviewed my post and it didn't say any thing about burning a BD disc... So I guess it wasn't as neat of a trick as you thought...