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    Apologies if there's a better place to post this, but, there didn't seem to be a generic forum for AnyDVD only the Issues forums.

    I've a couple minor suggestions for the AnyDVD Image Ripper tool that comes as part of AnyDVD. I use this tool quite frequently as I add discs to my media collection and queue up the images for batch processing overnight.

    My first suggestion is either the removal of the warning dialog that pops up when creating an iso of a DVD, or a checkbox added to the dialog to never show it again. Silly I know, but dismissing the dialog on every disc of an anime box set is a little tedious. The dialog text is "Warning: The 'rip to image' function... Continue Anyway? Yes/No".

    My second suggestion is tying the dialog's progress indicator into it's taskbar icon, like the progress indicator on AnyStream. This would make it easier to tell when the image ripping is complete when the window is hidden.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That warning is there for a reason. When you use it on a DVD that has structural protection, that protection mechanism WILL be in the ISO file, as it can't be removed "on the fly". If you want a DVD issue, use CloneDVD2's "image" function.
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    An option for hideing the warning is a nice idea (for people that have DVDs without mastering errors) @James

    There' s already an output of the rip status ? (I use CloneDVD).
  4. James

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    Already there: AnyDVD settings -> program settings -> show warning, when ripping dvd to image
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    Thanks guys, that's great that that's already an option in the AnyDVD settings. Sorry I didn't notice it before posting.
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