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    Concerning the extra bonus mission in PC Gamer Magazine, they goofed. It won't install. This is what you need to do:

    1: Run the program from the disc interface to extract the files to your desktop.
    2: Open the DAO.Orzammar folder.
    3: Select the Contents folder and the Manifest.xml file.
    4: Compress them into a Zip file named Make sure that they’re both in the root of the zip, not within a folder.
    5: Rename to Orzammar.dazip. You may have to go into the Tools menu of the Windows Explorer window, select Folder Options, click the View tab at the top, then uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” in order to change the .zip to .dazip.
    6: Follow the instructions in the readme to install the mod – you can drag and drop the .dazip file into the DAUpdater.exe window, select it and then push the install button.

    Info taken from

    If installed properly, you will see "A Tale of Orzammar" listed under the "Installed Content" tab in Dragon Age. I could be wrong, but it appears that this quest is integrated as part of the regular game. Very cool, if so
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    There's a new patch available.

    Dragon Age: Origins 1.01b
    Patch details:

    * fixed potential corruption of character statistics
    * fixed portrait appearance sliders when importing a character from the downloadable Character Creator
    * fixed import for preset face settings from the downloadable Character Creator
    * made Easy difficulty easier
    * slightly increased attack, defense, and damage scores for all party members at Normal difficulty
    * fixed video issues when running on a very wide screen display, including ATI Eyefinity displays
    * fixed an issue with Dragon Age and Windows Game Explorer
    * updated Visual C runtime libraries
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    Return to Ostagar DLC announced

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    As for Daniel.I.Bell's question about how much downloadable content other games and developers put out, it varies widely but is becoming more common now that the infrastructure is in place to support it on the consoles. In BioWare's case, we have a long tradition of doing this kind of thing. We were considered pioneers for releasing RPG expansion backs as part of our Baldur's Gate series, and then for providing a powerful RPG toolset and dedicated community site with Neverwinter Nights. Our Premium Module and digital delivery program for Neverwinter Nights launched before Steam did and we were embracing the concepts of Web 2.0 and user-generated content before those terms were invented. So, rather than pointing to what other companies have done, we'll point to our own legacy and hold ourselves to that standard or greater, wherever possible.

    No new backpack is included in Return to Ostagar. We've discussed it internally and it would require some GUI changes and may have some memory management implications as well. That's not to say it won't happen at some point - just that the idea's currently been pushed to the backburner until we have what we need to tackle those problems.

    As for 1 hour being too short for some, that's fair. Unlike Neverwinter Nights where our Premium Module program attempted to apply a bit of a "one size fits all" solution, our goal with Dragon Age is to provide a wide range of content that covers a broader variety of different wants and needs. Return to Ostagar represents our first piece of post-Day 1 content and we'll be announcing more others grow closer to release.

    Regarding voice acting, it's definitely one of our major development expenses, particularly when you realize that we have to hire additional voice actors for all of the different languages in which the game has been released. We ran some initial experiments with a voice-less version of Return to Ostagar and ultimately decided that we just needed to bite the bullet and go for it - it just didn't feel right for the followers not to be able to react in a voiced manner to the emotionally charged situation in which they find themselves. Note that we had to make this decision before DA:O's launch, without sales figures to help guide us. In the end, I'm glad we were able to find room in the budget to make it happen as the results are great.

    Also, I agree with sugasugaki (on p.5) that duration isn't always a useful metric to apply (go ahead and apply it to Return to Ostagar if you want to - that's not my point). We could very easily release a piece of downloadable content where the quest was to jog through 500 empty maps, beat up a Genlock in the final area, and jog back to the quest giver. It would certainly have a high duration but it's not something I could ever charge money for and still maintain even a shred of dignity. On the other hand, what if we implemented a cool new gameplay system or a new character class or bowstrings with no specific adventure attached? It would clearly have a greater inherent value than the jogging simulator I just proposed but how do you even begin to apply a duration to it? Regardless, all of that is off-topic and has nothing really to do with Return to Ostagar but it's worth considering. Some of our future content could potentially bump up against that sort of problem.

    -- Rob Bartel
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    Potential DLC Issues with no CD Key in your registry

    Source: BioWare Social Network Dragon Age Origins PC Technical Support Forum
    Original Post: Potential DLC Issues with no CD Key in your registry

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    FIX: Blood Dragon Armor - Female Elf

    Source: BioWare Social Network Dragon Age Origins PC Technical Support Forum
    Original Post: FIX: Blood Dragon Armor - Female Elf

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    Dragon Age: Origins 1.02
    Patch details:

    Many of the fixes affecting balance, gameplay, or plot scripting are already included in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 versions of Dragon Age: Origins.

    You do not need to download patches prior to Patch 1.02. Downloading Patch 1.02 contains all previous patches. Downloading Patch 1.02 will provide you with all patch data available.

    * Daggers now apply 0.5 points of damage per additional point in dexterity and 0.5 points of damage per additional point in strength, as originally intended. This increases dagger damage for high-dexterity characters.
    * During combat, mana or stamina reserves now correctly regenerate more quickly when reserves are low. This allows players to occasionally use an talent or spell in the later stages of lengthy fights.
    * When exploring, mana and stamina now regenerate more quickly at higher character levels. This reduces downtime between fights.
    * The spells Force Field, Crushing Prison, Cone of Cold, and Blizzard now have shorter durations and/or longer cooldowns. This ensures that combatants can no longer stun-lock each other by repeatedly casting the same spell.
    * The cooldowns for several low-level sustained abilities are now shorter. This ensures that players are not penalized for accidentally deactivating them.
    * Certain battles were not scaling properly, resulting in excessively difficult fights. They now scale as intended.
    * Enemy corpses now drop health poultices and money more appropriately, resulting in less clutter in the player's inventory.


    * In rare cases, enemy corpses were selectable when they contained no loot. This no longer occurs.
    * Party members whose combat tactics were set to defensive behavior no longer stop attacking after using a spell or talent.
    * In rare cases, combat tactics conditions could fail to determine whether a character had enough mana or stamina to use an ability. This no longer occurs.
    * The Rally talent no longer repeats its audio effect if it is active during certain conversations.
    * The Rally talent no longer deactivates upon area transitions or conversations.
    * The Shimmering Shield spell now deactivates when the character is out of mana.

    Plot *Spoiler Warning*

    * Promotional downloadable content items now remain in the player's inventory when standard items are removed at the end of the dwarf noble origin.
    * Repeatedly talking to Duncan after gathering the vials in the Korcari Wilds but not the treaties no longer provides duplicate experience.
    * Leliana's personal plot can now be completed if the player substantially increased her approval (through gifts) before talking to her.
    * During the siege of Redcliffe, enemies are no longer able to spawn in locations that would break the plot.
    * Bann Teagan no longer disappears when he is supposed to be accessible during Urn of Sacred Ashes.

    PC Specific

    * Controlling a summoned creature (like a ranger's pets) during certain special area transitions no longer results in odd behavior.
    * Creating a character in a custom module did not create a folder for saves. This could result in corruption of main campaign saves. This no longer occurs.
    * In some cases, the class icon was set incorrectly for characters imported from the downloadable Character Creator. This no longer occurs.
    * The options menu now includes a setting to automatically download previously purchased content that is not currently installed.
    * After installing new downloadable content, the game now always reminds the user to restart the game.
    * The icons for some promotional downloadable content items were missing. They now appear correctly.
    * The screenshot upload GUI would stop working from time to time on the client. There was a memory override that was fixed. It is a client fix. It doesn't affect the other problems we have seen on the server.