some Blu-Ray discs that won´t play w. AnyDVD active

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  1. Hi All,
    I get the impression that any BluRay disc will play in pdvd 3319a when ripped as iso using imgburn in read mode. Please help me find out what I am doing wrong because I have now 2 movies out of 30 total that will not play. Not even from the disc when anydvd is active. It shows just a black screen and no sound, but counter is running normal. The 2 discs is "wild Things" and "The Fugitive" in european versions. Can anyone else play these movies w. anydvd? Is it the same for US version?
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    Are you saying that these two discs in question will play in PDVD 3319a without AnyDVD_HD?
  3. Right, it plays when anydvd hd is not active.
  4. Has anybody else seen this behaviour with these or any other movies?
    I wonder if there just is some discs we can´t use even with 3319a, or maybe it is just a problem with my setup :confused:
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    I also have certain discs that won't play with AnyDVD

    I have seen this exact behavior, where ONLY certain Blu-Ray discs will not play when AnyDVD HD is enabled.
    I am using PowerDVD Ultra 7.3.3304 under Windows Vista Home Premium.
    I have fully HDCP compliant displays and video card.
    The discs (all US pressings) include:
    Total Recall
    Live Free Die Hard
    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

    These discs are out of an overall group of 13 discs that I have tried so far.

    Typically I get an error from CyberLINK which says that "a disc of an unrecognized format has been detected in drive F".

    Just for reference, I also have Nero 8 with the Blu-Ray plugin, and that sad little rip-off ( google the plugin to see all the unhappy recipients of that POS) has never played more than 2 Blu-Ray discs out of the 13 tested, with or without AnyDVD