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    View attachment 2606 View attachment 2606 I have been making hard drive copies of all my DVD's i have purchased over the years, i am running into trouble ripping one of my son's Bob The Builder Movies, when Any DVDHD scans the disc it does not find any encryption at all, so i try to rip it to my hard drive and it gets 47% done then it comes up with an error that says FILEIO 3VTS_02_1.VOB 3703298048 522240, i have not been doing this but a few years and have never seen this one, usually when i get an error i can figure out why (broken disc or needs cleaned or need to update Any DVDHD) but this time i am stumped. I am currently running Beta and have attached the logfile i have also checked to make sure my drives firmware is up to date and running properly.

    Thank You in advance for your comments

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    File IO 3 is a read error indicating a bad original disc (even if it plays fine) or a slowly dying drive.


    Thank You for the response, i saw somewhere in here how to check if it is your drive using IMG BURN i will try that and see if i can narrow down which of the two it is, if you have another way for me to tell then please let me know.

    Thanks again...
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    No. The only way to check really is to try another drive.
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    cr*p i was afraid of that, i guess i will just keep rollin for now, untill the drive goes on me, that's justification to get a new computer eh, hope my wife buys that one, it is the only time it has happened, so as long as it does not continue.

    Thank You Sir
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    New burners cost approximately $30-40 U.S.

    But I should add that some drives are inherently better readers than others, and if your current drive can read most of your original discs, then chances are the original disc in question is faulty.
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    One of the tools that Webslinger turned me on too... that we had in our arsenal all this time and never used, was Nero's Disk Speed.. their Disk Scan tool.

    I ran into a few read errors with disks that I previously ripped (which got annihilated)... and that tool proved worthy enough to tell me we had to purchase new originals.