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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by zanetti, May 30, 2021.

  1. zanetti

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    every single subtitle has timings messed up. tried maybe 5-6 shows, every episode has subtitles available, but every single line in srt file has like 100ms duration. and the line of text quickly appears and then disappears. can anyone confirm this? im thinking paramount+ did a crap job with subtitles, but if anyone has p+ on prime, could you check on your end too? ive done only series, havent checked movies. thanks. cheers!
  2. Lowpro

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    I'd suggest streaming the given video enabling the subtitles and compare what AmazonPrime is displaying against the given SRT. In my experience the given SRT represents exactly what AmazonPrime displays during a given stream and yes, Paramount+ subtitles are a mess. They are fraught with issues. I haven't encountered the 100ms duration issue you describe. I have encountered a lot of overlapping display times. Those are easy to fix though. The biggest issue I've found is with missing spaces between words within a sentence or between sentences. Using "Spell Check" is the only way to feasibly identify and add the missing spaces where needed, but in the end it's just a waste of time. There's no way to catch them all, so I don't even bother anymore.
  3. zanetti

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    just as i posted this thread, went and tried like 7th show from p+. srt was fine. then went back to another show, and the srt for the particular episode was also ok. thought, here we go again, i post something somewhere and find a solution within 60 seconds, lol. but, unfortunately nope. subtitles from p+ on amazon are still messed up. heres an example, and this happens acroos 5-6 shows, 50 episodes in total (minus one which actually had a correct srt and timings etc):

    00:00:4,866 --> 00:00:4,970

    00:00:7,007 --> 00:00:7,110

    00:00:9,354 --> 00:00:9,492
    - WE WON, MOTHER[bleep]ERS!

    this is from key&peele on paramount+, season 2 episode 7. all others are messed up as well, except episode 2 from also season 2. i doubt this is AS problem, let me check playing the episodes in question in our browser... aaaaand, yup. same thing. the things streaming providers get away with, right? lol. cheers!