[Solved] Subtitles are overwriting again

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by DeepSpace, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. DeepSpace

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    I AS'ed some movies today on Amz, after a while I went to
    I did not care about the files it created, I only did a redownload of some movies since the router was somehow messed up and loosed connection quite a few times.
    After I was about to download the last missing movie I noticed that the subtitle files have weird file names. To be clear, all three movies in the logfile had a . at the end.

    I closed AS to clean the log, reopened it and visited the download configuration window for every movie. As for movie one and three, AS shows me two subtitle languages, but only one file got created for each movie. The second movie only has one, but still the . at the end.

    I checked and the dls made with the version before went fine. The second movie's subtitle was called .de-de.srt and another movie not in the log also has two subtitles. So it seems AS forgot to add the stuff after the . and only did .srt.

    So I will went back to the previous version for now to get the aborted downloads and other stuff till it is fixed (again). I know it has already been mentioned, but AS only gave me a download success windows on the error movies so I did not noticed it till I watched one and skipped through the others, so you might add a new notification "Connection lost, do you want to continue the dl after connection is back again?". If it is not possible to continue for whatever reason, at least the information that the dl is incomplete would be useful.

    And maybe a small thing to add, the forum actually shows me the log now. I did no upload for a long time but when I did the upload window simply disappeared and I thought it was a fail when the file was actually up.

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  2. DeepSpace

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    Was happy to see that a new version was available with a fix for the subtitles... but now I got no subtitle file at all. I abortet the download and did it again to make sure I did select both languages, but I did. Also, srt was shown in settings.
    So I went back to and I got the subtitles immediately.

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  3. Fahzuu

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    It works for me.
    I just tried the exact same movie you did, also works.
  4. RedFox 1

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    Me to, works great for me.
  5. Pete

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    This actually lead to the discovery of a bug.
    It's a matter of luck whether subtitles work with Amazon or not (well, chances are lower that it fails, than that it works, though).
    Trouble with subtitles was expected after the redesign in v1.2.1.1, but I guess this is the last one.
    Release with a fix coming soon.
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  7. DeepSpace

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    I installed the update and got one movie on Amz and then went to NF and all subtitles went fine, even cc and forced from the same language. Thanks for this quick fix!
    Unfortunately I had a small season numbering bug on NF with a series which I will post tomorrow about.