[SOLVED] Slow Transcode when Converting Audio

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Yarc, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Yarc

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    [SOLVED - Re-installed Windows10] I've come across a problem when using CloneBD (ver 64-bit) to compress a backup of a Blu-Ray ISO file down to a BD-25 ISO. If I select original audio the compression takes place without any issues and I average about 314fps. I have nVidia CUDA acceleration enabled for encoding and decoding.

    However, if I select to down convert the audio either with the options 'down convert HD audio' or 'convert all audio' and selection of any codec, channels or bitrate, the compression takes place, but within a few moments the fps count starts to drop from around 400fps and continues to drop until my PC struggles to do anything. If I abort the process when the fps count starts to drop, eventually CloneBD will abort the process. Typically, if I wait just a little while, I see fps drop down to 50fps and continue to fall. At this point CloneBD will only be about 5% into processing the ISO file. CPU usage is high at around 90%, Video decoder input, Converter input, Encoder input and Encoder output are all 100%. If I wait too long it takes an absolute age to abort the process and during this time my PC is very sluggish.

    I have tried with three different untouched Blu-ray ISO backups made with AnyDVDHD and see the same issue. The backups themselves play fine. Something horrible is happening when down converting audio. I have not experienced this issue before because I normally leave the audio alone.

    I have a log file made at the point I aborted the process which is when the fps started to rapidly drop. I don't know how useful this will be.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    The top 3 bars are supposed to be at 100%, thats normal. Means your source drive is fast enough to deliver the data to the encoder. It's when the 4th bar from the top begins to fill up that there's a problem (target drive too slow). But that's not the issue here. Sounds like a regression bug. Believe we've had this one in the past. Try updating to the latest beta 1270 if your license allows. If that doesn't solve it, new logfile please :)
  3. Yarc

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    Hi Ch3vr0n, thanks for the feedback. I have just tried again with CloneBD version 64 bit and seeing the same issue. I was transcoding to a USB drive so tried my local HDD but with the same result. I know you said this was not the issue but have doubly made sure. I have attached another log file made at the point the fps were rapidly dropping. The fps started high and had rapidly dropped to 77fps with 85% CPU. Hope this helps.

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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  5. Yarc

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    Ok, thanks Ch3vr0n.
  6. Pete

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    Do you, by chance, have the AnyDVD option "Remove Cinavia watermark from CloneBD audio stream during copy" selected?
  7. Yarc

    Yarc Well-Known Member

    No, I never used that option, but double checked anyway.
  8. Fabian

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    Can you deselect all subtitles and give it a try?
  9. Yarc

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    I deselected subtitles as requested, had audio being converted to DTS as I had before and CloneBD processed the ISO image without slow down. I then re-tested with the same settings and subtitles enabled and no problem!? Very strange.
    I got home late last night so only managed to do a quick test. I disabled the subtitles as you suggested but with the same options to convert the audio and it seemed to be working, no drastic slow-down. However, I did not wait for the whole ISO image to be processed. I then re-tried but with subtitles enabled and it seemed to be working!? However, it was too late to test further so I will carry out some tests today and come back with the results.
  10. Yarc

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    I've tested the same conversion on my laptop and no problems. On my main system that I use for CloneBD, and the one showing the problem mentioned above, I am experiencing BSOD when updating Windows10. This may be a Microsoft issue - I have read others having curious problems when updating Win10 recently- or probably more likely, a problem with my desktop.

    Until I get to the bottom of this, there is little point analysing my slow transcode problem with CloneBD. I may have a dodgy driver or hardware issue.

    Thanks for your help.
  11. Yarc

    Yarc Well-Known Member

    After restoring drive C from a backup, have managed to get my PC working after a fashion, although not perfect. I think my last two, and only two backups, have backed up a nasty problem that's only showing itself now. I need to keep a much older backup in future, one I know to be reliable!

    Anyway, a quick test with CloneBD using the same Blu-ray ISO, converted the audio without slowing down, I had a steady 242fps.

    I'm ow going to bite the bullet and re-install Windows. From this clean installation will then create a backup before any other software is installed. At least this will give me a good starting point in the future.

    I had my doubts this was a CloneBD issue, especially as nobody else had reported anything.

    When I'm back up an running will obviously report if I have the same issue, but I seriously doubt it.