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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by maxkingmax, Oct 31, 2020.

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    As most everyone on the forum is a user and doesn't work for Redfox, I would think it would be more prudent for you to open a support ticket if you are having an issue. https://www.redfox.bz/support.html
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    First of, there is no scam or thieving going on. Making such accusations will not be tolerated

    Please elaborate on what you mean by "connecting many times, it returned to its original state". Did you get a "payment completed" screen or otherwise? Did you get any error messages? What EXACTLY happened?
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    I didn't connect to my credit card, so I did it many times. I haven't received any email. I haven't received any emails. And there were 7 credit card bills. I haven't received it. This is a scam. I'm a thief. It's a federal crime. This company is a fraudulent company.

    The last screen is empty in the cart. That's why I did it continuously. With this, 7 bills have come. This company is a fraudulent company.
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    Many of us here have purchase several products from RedFox and have gotten incomparable support over the years. It's not a scam.

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    @maxkingmax Last warning. Redfox is not a scam or fraudulent business. So please stop calling it that.

    That said. Since you say you received 7 bills, i'll assume payment went through 7 times. Can you post the order confirmation numbers here? And JUST THE NUMBERS. Do not post anything else!

    Have you checked the (web)mail spam folder of the e-mail address you used to purchase a license. Certain e-mail providers like to silently drop/discard e-mails from the redfox purchase system to they don't arrive at all, or place them in the [SPAM] folder. Try checking there first and report back.

    If there are no e-mails in your spam folder, then your provider has dropped the e-mails (not your fault, nor redfox's). In such a case @Ivan should be able to retrieve your license info, send it to you via an alternate method (usually a forum PM), and refund the charges from the undesired 6 extra licenses.
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    I got in touch with support. We apologize for the inconvenience. solved m(_ _)m sorry
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    Excellent. Thanks for reporting back. Good to know it's solved.

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    After I tried to contact @maxkingmax since friday by email, I asked our support team member @Sakura to call him - it turned out that all emails (including his 7 successful purchases) ended up in his spam folder...
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    Figured as much :)

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    Oh, and he got 6 refunds :)
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    I had zero doubts you'd come through on that too :)