[SOLVED] AnyStream Amazon mit Digital Rights Plugin Warnung

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  1. Ich füge mal einen Screenshot ein. Den Vorschlag das Plugin "WidevineCmd" zu updaten, klappt nicht. In Chrome heisst es "Widevine Decryption Module" Version:4.10.2209.0 und ist aktuell und in Firefox auch.
    Kann aus Amazon Prime trotz gültiger Mitgliedschaft nix dow upload_2021-4-18_14-59-39.png nloaden. Im Protokoll ist nix vermerkt.
  2. Hier noch das Protokoll

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    You're clicking on the browser "download (downfacing arrow)" button. That's the wrong button. You need the "downloadables" one up top with the green text.
  4. Sorry, your answer confuses me ! You should write what you do, before you give instructions ! The instruction says "open Chrome://components" and click under "WidevineCm" "updates"
    There ain't no "downloading arrow" or "green text"
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    Because you're clicking on the wrong button! Close that popup, ignore it. It's completely irrelevant. The Amazon side uses a built-in chromium based browser, which lacks that drm component.

    Navigate to a title you wish to download, then click on the new button that appears next to your 'zuruck / weiter' buttons. It will have green text. That's the one you want.


    That topic will point you too the right button. Same problem.

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  6. Thanks for explaining ! Now i recognized the "green text" :) Must have been concentrated on other aspects, could not see the obvious ;-)
  7. But... this is the first time, this message appears ! I guess thats why i got confused. Before , i had version installed.
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    There's a first time for everything. Glad i could help!

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