[Solved] Anydvd Fails to rip GOT S3 Disk 5 (DVD)

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    Anydvd fails to rip using "rip video disc to harddisk" Game of thrones Season 3 Disk 5 (DVD) of my collection. All the other disks in season 3 ripped fine. To test that it is not a disk issue i tried ripping it makemkv and it ripped the disk fine without issues. I have attached the error message that anydvd gives while trying to copy the disc and the log file.

    Edit : Disk is defective as stated by James, using makemkv it bypasses the defective part which allows it to copy the titles i need. Doing a complete copy (copy & paste with explorer) causes the copy process to fail.

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  2. James

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    Your disc and / or drive IS dirty and / or defective. The error is outside the episodes. You can use CloneDVD to deselect title 3.
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    Hi James,

    I had a trial version of clonedvd and it has expired so i cannot test using clonedvd. Which is why i tested with makemkv to be sure that it is not a disc issue. All titles rip fine with makemkv. Is there another way i can test to be sure that the problem lies with the disc and not anydvd?
  4. James

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    It is the disc and / or drive. Not AnyDVD. Trust me, I am a professional. ;)
    You can try to set AI scanner to "always enabled" for this disc. This will skip some unused sectors. Maybe you are lucky.
    Or it is just borderline defective, and you can try several times. Or buy CloneDVD, which can retry several times by clicking "retry".
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    MakeMKV may have worked because it only read the episode contents, not all the contents of the disc. For instance, the error, wherever it is, may be in a bonus feature "part" of the stream of VOB's. Or in the menus.

    One thing you can try and see if it's your disc or drive is to open the DVD in File Explorer to access the root directory contents of the disc. Copy and paste all the contents, particularly VIDEO_TS, to a temporary location. The contents won't be playable, but this is a read test, not an extraction of the contents. Although if you had AnyDVD resident while doing this copy, it would probably result in playable contents with the copy. But, since you're trying to make sure it isn't AnyDVD's fault, you probably don't want AnyDVD resident at the time. Unless the disc has structural protection on it. Then a simply copy operation, even with unplayable contents, probably would always fail.

    Anyway, however you do the copy, if it fails to copy and paste the contents, then you've got a bad disc/drive.