solution found to HD display on HDTV

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    In an earlier thread, I asked about problems displaying HD DVDs as anyDVD and PowerDVD ultra would not display both on the computer monitor and the HDTV which is connected to the Pavilion dv9260nr using an HDMI cable. The reason I found was interesting.
    HD DVDs are programmed not to be displayed on more than one display unit at a time (and AnyDVD HD does not disable this problem). However, by entering the display properties and disabling, or "unattaching" the computer screen, and designating the auxiliary unit as the main monitor, in my case PowerDVD ultra displayed full screen no problem on the 37" HDTV and, Wow, Dune looked really good! (The "unattaching" was done by right-clicking on the monitor display and clicking on the appropriate item. fn + F4 should have toggled between the two, but that wasn't working).
    Just in case anyone else has the same problem.