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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by cartman0208, May 11, 2022.

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    Don't know if anybody noticed ... When downloading a title a second time, no token gets deducted, even if it's different resolution or audio.
    I didn't read it in the patch notes, so it must be accidentally or a hidden feature;)

    I just downloaded two complete series, 7 seasons, sums up to 97 episodes.
    Downloaded every episode twice for dual audio in about 7 hours (did a break of several hours)
    I ended up with 16 tokens left.

    Anyway ... if that was done on purpose (my guess is, to prevent people whining about "lost" tokens), it solves my problem burning tokens multi audio videos (y)
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    Yes, it is intended and already has been mention one time.
    Although... The quote RF1 posted from a dev says "for movies". Clearly (and luckily) this is not quite true. I tried it myself after reading it back then and was happy to see that no token got substractet for the entire season. And since then I already used it some more times. Maybe the devs didn't want to scream out that you can now download hundeds of episodes "for free" (without the use of another token).
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    Erm .. ok, I saw that thread and the title and thought, just another one complaining, so I didn't read thoroughly ... my bad :D
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