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    I've been using AnyDVD for years now, and i've just encounter for the first time the following issue, on a total new brand disc (French 4k remaster Dark Crystal).
    AnyDVD said it can't process the disc (BR : AACS MKV 64 / BR-UHD AACS MKV 61) and want to connect to something (OPD or something like that). I've upgraded ->, but it didn't solve the issue.
    The PC is totaly offline, has never been and will never be connected to Internet, so the connection part is not a solution.
    What are the alternative solutions ?
    Is there something i can download and put on the directory of AnyDVD ?
    Is there a log file i can provide, which may help, and have the next version being able to process the disc ?
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    The only alternate solution is using that disc on an internet connected PC so anyDVD can contact the OPD (Online Protection Database) for the info it needs to decrypt that title. That info will then be stored in AnyDVD's local database in a .dt1 file. You could then copy that file over to the offline pc and it should work. That's your ONLY option. If it's a new title or has BD+ then connection to the internet is required. no amount of new versions will change that, it's always been that way. Even the only Slysoft era AnyDVD connected to an OPD.

    For UHD processing like your's an internet connection is REQUIRED during the scanning/decryption of the disc. There's no alternative.
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    Too bad... :( Even if i don't understand the necessary to internet connection, why AnyDVD can't have localy all the information it needs ? Does it need a totaly insane processor power avaible only on an external server to decrypt...? Again, i don't understand... (Probably because i don't have all the informations necessary to understand properly at this point).
    The database could be updated on each version release. Or why this database can't be downloaded and put on AnyDVD directory ?
    Is there any other rip tool which may works ? MakeMKV ? DVDFabDecrypter ? Even if AnyDVD is my prefered choice, if i'm stuck, i've to search for others possibilities... :(
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    I believe the database, in the software, is updated on each major revision, just not the betas.
    That’s my understanding, I could be wrong.

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    I've been able to rip the Blu-Ray version with makemkv (didn't try the UHD version), which has a very recent update to AACS v64. Probably the next version of AnyDVD will be updated to. Just bad timing it seems.

    Edit :
    Providing the key database to makemkv, i've also been able to start the rip the BR UHD with a friendly drive.

    Edit 2 :
    Too much optimistic... :( UHD BR rip failled at around 20%.
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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    You're mixing the databases. You have the OPD (Online Protection Database) and the Local Database. When anydvd first encounters a new disc (Particularly true for BD+,screenpass protected discs) a connection to the online database is made to retrieve that specific disc decryption info. (always has been that way, even under slysoft) It's impossible to have anydvd contain ALL decryption data needed for all titles. The last estimate for the total OPD size is 300+MB. Nobody's going to download a 300MB setup file every time for decryption. The OPD also doesn't do any decrypting. It just holds the info anydvd might need for a certain title. You have to keep in mind that movies come in multiple versions per title and again more versions per region. Neither is the OPD updated on each version release, it's updated EVERY TIME a NEW movie is released with screenpass protection, new BD+, new sony BD-J... That's on average, multiple times a week and multiply that number again by multiple titles.


    That's multiple versions there right there per title, and thats just this week.

    I doubt you're going to download the OPD every time a new update is made, to check if YOUR version now would work. Just because the OPD is updated doesn't mean the update matches your specific title version.

    As said, when it connects to the OPD it requests decryption info for that title and saves it in a small file in the LOCAL database. The next time that disc would then be inserted, it uses that file then and it no longer needs the OPD. Using the OPD also speeds things up decryption wise. Instead of anydvd trying to decrypt the dsic by analyzing the protection, then trying to crack it, (which takes time), it just contacts the OPD, finds the matching version and instantly is fed the info it needs to decrypt in seconds.

    You believe wrong, see above.

    AnyDVD can handle AACS v64 just fine.
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    I absolutely don't mind downloading a 300MB+ file and put it on my AnyDVD folder if i encounter a disc the local database don't know, and even more, as in years, it's the first time.
    Is there a way to download such a file by any chance ? As i don't have any PC with Blu-Ray drive connected to internet.

    Nevertheless, still love AnyDVD and still first in my choice.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    No there isn't. As said, your only options are to either correct that pc to the internet, process the disc and disconnect, or do it on a PC that had internet access and copy of the dt1 file I think it is. Take your pick.

    And as I said, even there was such a file, there's ZERO guarantee that the new update would work for your version of a title.

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    One has to understand that the OPD is also a major piracy protection scheme. i.e. unless you are using a legal version of anydvd (i.e. valid trial or registered) you cant access the OPD and that is where a lot of the value of anydvd is. while it might suck for people who are offline, I doubt its going to be changed.
  10. James

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    You are wrong. It is updated with every beta.
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    ... False argument i think, because you could do something like this :
    To download the OPD you have to provide registration key, at this point, the reg key validity can be checked, then you'll be able to download the file, but it will be encrypted using the reg key you provided as encryption key. AnyDVD will decrypt the file using the registration key it was used on. If they don't match, decrypt will fail.
    If you're using an evaluation version, you can't download the OPD (with this method), which will be normal (only reg users can access OPD).
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    Just because you can design such a solution, doesn't mean that anydvd developers want to implement it. They might view the downside of implementing it to outweigh the benefits. And just like people crack the registration today, people will be able to crack your offline opd method in the future. i.e. you are giving them the algorithm, you are giving them the key and you are giving them the protected content. To assume they wont be able to remove the content's protection, to me seems naive. just my 2c, but even if you disagree with me, it goes back to my first comment, just because it can be done, doesn't mean the anydvd devs have an interest in doing it for business or technical reasons.
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    I agree.
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    Protection Database is available for offline
    use since October.