Solo Star Wars Rental Issue

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    I've read the "before you post" section but I figure I would post this because this behavior is not like I have seen with prior discs that error out:

    Netflix - Solo: A Star Wars Story
    AnyDVD crashes while it attempts to read/copy the 814 m2ts file (and only this file). If I restart the computer without AnyDVD and attempt to copy the same file (yes I know it's encrypted at this point) it copies the ENTIRE file just fine.
    I've been using AnyDVD for years and this is the first time that I have seen an issue like this.
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    If you read the post you say you have, then you should also have read to post a logfile. Without or, nobody can help you

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    Yes I unfortunately forgot to add it. Adding now

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    Can you please elaborate? AnyDVD "crashes" - what exactly does this mean? What do you do? If you can copy 814 m2ts, why don't you do this with AnyDVD running?