Solo: A Star Wars Story [no] playlist obfuscation

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  1. kfscoll

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    I need the correct playlist for Solo: A Star Wars Story. This is the Blu-ray version from the Best Buy 4K UHD/BD/Digital Code combo pack, USA, region-free. Cheers!

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  2. Pete

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    This disc has no screen pass protection or any other type of playlist obfuscation.
    Just a bunch of playlists representing the main movie, some of which seem to be "extended" versions with additional/alternate clips near the beginning.

    The there is no "correct" playlist, you have to choose, which one you want.
    Hint: CloneBD is THE tool to determine which.
  3. kfscoll

    kfscoll Member

    Sorry about that! I saw a bunch of playlists scroll by in my ClownBD window so I quickly assumed it was Sony ScreenPass. I have CloneBD already so I'll give it a go!
  4. Trueinsanity

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    the multi playlists are the intro story text wall in different languages
  5. theodore huber

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    I have the european german/english version of this disc and I'm not able to create a UHD backup. The disc gets rejected by anydvd Many other new UHD discs worked flawlessly.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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