software issues with dvd burner and slysoft

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    :bowdown: Here is the problem. When i used the trial version this problem did not happen, but after I bought it, it did. especially after I upgraded to anydvd 6143. Here is the problem.

    When I start the computer up from a cold start It recognizes the dvd drive, but if I have to reboot, it does not show up under my computer and I get this error box that says I do not have dvd drive, and it gives you a few suggestions to fix it, but you know as well as I do those never work.

    So the short of it, after i restart or reboot the system, for some reason the dvd does not load correctly, but from a cold start from the next day after work, it starts right up fine.
    I have a asus dvd burner
    Does anyone have any ideas with this? Here is my email address

    Thank you very much if you know how to fix the problem

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    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall AnyDVD? There is a list of stuff to check. It's located somewhere on the forum.
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