SO who really owns the software?

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    Was point exactly and was just stating that if it was MY decision to make, the 2yrs or less LTL owners are the only ones who could possibly have an issue with this decision by RedFox but I myself was ok with it and have shown my support by purchasing all three license's already and now have the CloneDVDmobile and CloneCD key's if and when they are required right now just extras because of the dedication of the RedFox team to its customers even when it was ALL out of THEIR own pockets and that should say everything that needs to be said.
    Sorry for the major de-railment of this thread.
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    Unfortunately, whether or not someone "got their monies worth" is all relative and there will be a multitude of opinions. You'll never find that everyone will agree to one definition. If we assume, as nebostrangla has mentioned that, those that have had the license for 5 or more years got their monies worth then what about those with less than 5 years? What about those that had a license for more than 5 years but only used it occasionally? How does that relate to someone who has used to profusely (volume of use) since they acquired a license regardless of the length of time the license has been owned?
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