SO who really owns the software?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Terry CArter, May 26, 2016.

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    I have politely listened to his opinion in almost every thread on the forum,. its time for him to go, if he is not a customer and is adamantly trying to dissuade our membership from buying a new license and telling lies and speculation about the old owners, I will not tolerate it. I am trying to give as many answers as possible, but if you continues thread after thread of this crap, I cant think of one forum that would accept his misinterpretation of the facts.
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    @RedFox 1

    Joe C was SO persuasive that I purchased TWO life-time RedFox AnyDVD licenses as soon as I was able. ;)

    Seriously, his ranting didn't affect my decision one way or the other. The honest treatment and attitude of the RedFox team members is what convinced me to make my purchase.
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    As I recall the discussion about the OPD being downloadable was started when someone pulled up an OOOOOLD post by James that indicated if SlySoft were to ever go out of business, meaning AnyDVD would cease being updated, James would consider making a final release with the full OPD attached/separately downloadable.

    Well, SlySoft is indeed dead, but AnyDVD as we know is being maintained and updated. The need/urgency for an OPD download is over IMO.
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    I have faith in Slysoft/RedFox, and I won't listen to someone (Joe C) that has been on this Forum for less than 1 month versus a Company that was around from 2003 to late February, and the people behind it brought the program and products back up to keep things running along.

    Let Joe C have that type of record.
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    Ask 20 different lawyers and you would get 50 different answers.
    Someone's longevity shouldn't have any bearing on their credibility. What they say (and do) makes them credible or not.

    There is at least one long term poster here who I wouldn't trust what they say, ever.
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    Let's just forget about Joe, he's been dealt with in a fitting manner.
  9. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member have a right to be angry at insults, and innuendo as facts..that's unacceptable.
    I've never meant to do that, in past posts, and if I may have, I'm very sorry.
    I was simply mentioning others feelings to start a conversation about it.

    You do not need to worry about ME ... :)
    I'm just saying I'm understanding peoples feelings.
    (I was also in the retail consumer market...handling customer support issues, so I know how to help people understand)
    But now that there's a discussion going on about it, you'll see it die-down after awhile.

    Don't think about the money so much (I know it matters too) ... Right now all of you should be focusing on building customer trust. At least not shutting down threads is a good start. (I applaud you for that)
    Don't be afraid to speak your mind, but don't ask customers to be sheep either. :)

    P.S. - don't mind my rants of the 50% for all old LTL's -- I don't expect you to immediately obey me...I'm just saying what could have alleviated the negative consumer feelings about much of this. ;)

    People are only saying what it looks like to them... Even though it's not that way.
    It's a serious matter that can't be ignored.

    The nasty ones are just a few... Don't worry about them.
    ...but that doesn't mean no one will not think it if you act like the OZ character saying ...
    "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

    This crap will continue for awhile, I'm sure...but don't worry, ...the longer everyone sees you're still here, they'll be calmer.

    See..? RedFox 1 ...that's my point about not being afraid to discuss this...most will vote THEIR OWN minds.
    But people still need to rant or the company doesn't know how the consumer feels.
    And the company needs to at least consider some changes, after awhile at least. :) to please loyal customers.

    It's only basic business sense.
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    Wow...that article should show EVERYONE... That the old boss is truly on the run, and NOT at the new project at all..!
    Or, is it a web-AD for the newer RedFox versions, shown in its Download Tab?
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    Cement shoes..?? :eek::LOL::rolleyes:
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    Awesome....thru discussion THIS topic has also been explained, and put to bed.
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    Looking at his post (which was all about that "other feller") - I think he meant to say "him" not "you".
    If I'm wrong - I'll be the first to hear it. :notworthy:
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    Yes I know...I just needed to make sure he understood my past posts about all this...and apologies if he misunderstood them.
    I'm not afraid to say I'm sorry, if I unknowingly hurt someone...some way.
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    Unfortunately, I respectfully disagree. A 50% discount would certainly have made you and perhaps many others (including me) happier, but I feel very confident, having read so many posts, that even that may not have been enough for some; they expected free. There have been tons of opinions posted on what the discount should have been.

    I think RedFox needed to make a difficult business decision, to find the cross point between what they required financially from LTLs to keep the project moving forward and what they could give up to make customers swallowing the bitter pill of buying a new license more palatable. 20% is what they deemed correct, and that's the number. It's then up to us as individuals to decide whether that works for us, to "vote with our wallets" if we want to see this product continue or move on. I bought at 20% off (and probably would have done so at zero discount because of the value I place in AnyDVD). But as Chevron has stated many times before, the time for arguing or worse ranting about a different discount is behind us. And I do not find what you said to be a rant; others have been substantially more vile.
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    Thank you Yorgo ...I'm glad I don't come-off as a rant-er's not my goal. (y):cool:
    But I've decided to wait and see, once the "money-grab" is over. ;) if they're still here.
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    RedFox1, you get my vote for customer service rep of the year!
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    We could do "would have" - "could have" - "should have" all day. It's pointless now.
    One thing that's remained perfectly clear is that the pricing structure in now set in stone and not open to further debating.
    Exception: When new people come in here and discover all the changes suddenly, for the first time - they WILL rant, and they WILL vent - angrily at first.
    And we need to let them do so.... I have that article link to try to explain the loss of Slysoft a bit - in hopes it helps them see it's all "for real" and not some "scam".
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    I'm sorry but I think the way that they did the discount was the fairest way possible other than I would say no 50% off & just do the free yr and go back to June or July (only 6 to 9 months of ownership before closure) and if someone really just had to buy an LTL then just do 30% plus the global but you couldn't bundle it and you would've effectively still given the 50% off but I would push the free yr option and that could be renewed to an LTL later, also all this about being a long time owner of a LTL and you should've got a bigger discount is plain wrong because if you have owned it for 5 yrs or more you have definitely received your money's worth period and deserve no discount but we still got the global 20% any way (I myself fall under this length as well)and if you have owned it for less than 5yrs but more than 2 well the global 20% is perfect but the people who haven't even got 2 yrs out of a LTL are the only ones IMHO who should have complaint about global 20% and should have an extra 10% off but now do you see how much of a PITA it would be to sort all this out and it would require EVERYONE of us to go through support and not the web store to purchase and we would only be able to get the anyDVDHD license and not the other two at the same time we would have had to purchase those separately but with the way they did it we ALL can receive up to 50% off of purchase.
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    Again, all water under the bridge, been decided. No disrespect meant but...

    Discounting stuff aside, I generally agree with you regarding LTL, if you've had it long enough, you've probably gotten your money's worth ("loyal user" vs. "loyal customer" theory, posted elsewhere), and the current RedFox plan for recent Slysoft purchases seems fair to me.