So what are our choices for renting UHD BD

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  1. yahknow1

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    I'm hoping Netflix will start. Has anyone has heard?
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  2. KBJ2007

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    I really doubt Netflix will be renting UHD discs, they pretty much seem to be winding down the DVD and Blu-ray rental portion of their business already. Streaming is by far their biggest money maker.

    3DBlurayRental appears to be renting UHD discs,
  3. just curious

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    I'm on 3D Blu Ray Rental's $39.99 "3 Discs at a time" Subscription Plan: (15 disc rental limit per month)

    Below link shows all their subscription plans

    I rent 3D Blu rays and 2D blu ray titles that Netflix does not have

    You can choose 4K UHD discs in all of their subscription plans

    MOST of their 2D blu ray, 3D Blu ray & 4K UHD discs are available via their subscription plans

    SOME titles have to be rented on their own at a cost of $8.99 or higher!

    This is how their rental process works

    "Our wish list feature is similar to a queue system but is slightly differently. You can add as many titles as you like to your wish list. Unlike a queue system, we do not automatically send titles from your wish list. You will need to "Add to Cart" and complete the check-out process for titles to ship.

    For subscribers, what we recommend is to add all the titles you want to your wish list. For example, if you are on a 1 Disc at a Time Plan, choose just one title from your wish list and check out. Once you return that title, select your next title from your wish list you want and then check out. Remember, you can place your next order as soon as you put your rental in the mail to do not need to wait for us to receive the rental before placing your next order. Only if there is a "short wait" for a rental that you choose should you select another title from your wish list.

    You will only see up to 100 rentals in your wish list. If you add more than 100, it will be in your wish list but you will only see 100. Once you remove some, you can see more"

    Note: They also rent PS4 & Xbox One Games (Click on below link)
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  4. yahknow1

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    Well cool, I guess these guys will get my business as soon as I get my UHD+HDR+Wide Color Television.
  5. RedFox 1

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    EBay sellers very good deals on the UHD copy that comes with the Blu-ray version , I have bought a few good titles that were less than $10 each . I would rather keep the original than rent the disks
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