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so lost!!!!


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Mar 28, 2007

Just dl the program and I have tons of q's!!!
ok start off

What cna I do with this program exactly? I really want to transfer full songs,movies,pics to my blackberry pearl but I DONT KNOW HOW.The program is a bit difficult for me to use.

So I was just wonderign what are the limitations and how the hell doI use this program?
As the name of the program says....CLONE DVD MOBILE....it converts your dvd's into a mobile format to use on your portable devices...:0
yea i know but is there a way to make ti do other stuff than that?

and if I did have a dvd on my comp is it hard to put it on a bb?

I want to transfer songs right now and dvd later.but Also can it transfer downloaded movies?
there is a reason it is called DVD Mobile.

No, you can not rip the songs off a dvd or edit your pictures etc.

There are tools that do specifically those tasks
do you mind showing me where i can transfer songs form ym comp into my bb? or how