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    This is something I have never seen before. Smokin Aces and National Lampoons Pucked both appear very dark when played on the pc. After backing up files using anydvd v., clonedvd, and fixVTS, my backup plays flawless. This is the first time that i have use the fixvts program. I don't even know if it was 100% necessary, but clonedvd2 did not want to burn the backup. I ran files through fixvts, then burned with nero 7 with no problems.......Any other thoughts, explanations, or processes that worked for FULL DVD backup?
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    What do you mean by "clonedvd2 did not want to burn the backup". Give a full error message please.

    1. Do steps 3 and 4 from please

    2. Do step 8 and 9 from

    3. To learn how to use Clonedvd2 properly read fully

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    Umm, CloneDVD2 error says something about failed to burn disk at 8x! This is in no way a driver issue on my machine. I am using an AMD duel core, 2 gigs of ddr2 800, 5 Sata2 hdd's totaling 1.3 terabyte, 7900gs, 2 - SATA 20x dvd-rw's, all only about a month old. Using Nero, i can burn 2 full length dvd's at 16X with NO problem. CloneDVD2 "not" burning the disc is not really an issue with me, cause it's done that periodically ever since I started using it, I have learned to just use Nero 7 and skip any possible errors from the get go.
    What I am wondering is if there are any other ways to get around the "DARK" screen on the pc? Even after all of the above mentioned processes (anydvd, clonedvd, and fixvts) the movie STILL displays dark on the pc. The backup plays fine in my standalone dvd player. This is the first time i have encountered this dark screen. Any other thoughts?
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    Then I'm sure you got it all figured out.

    Yes. Your backup is fine, and your issue has nothing to do with Anydvd.
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    ANY PC can have driver issues. It's not a question of what hardware you are using but how that hardware performs together.
    May I ask what size and brand of Power Supply you are using in the PC?
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    OldJoe, i am using a Thermaltake 430 watt.
    Now, just to clarify a few things. I never said it was an AnyDVD problem although I know it is in a anydvd thread. Now, this is not the first movie that i have ripped on this machine. I have done many without a problem! But, it is the first that i have done since switching from dvdshrink 3.1 -to- v.3.2. After reading your replies, I went back and did some checking and found that to be the culprit. A default setting for directx video rendering was the problem, causing the dark display with video playback.
    I guess I just figured, since this is a Sony release, that it had to be something new.
    Thanks for the help and insight.