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    I have the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, and because I have a lot of friends with HDTVs, I was like "That would be cool to be able to just take the player with me to hookup.

    I have a 15" MacBook Pro, with XP on Boot Camp. I plugged it in, and then ran into the HDCP problems. I got AnyDVD HD, and I checked the Universal checkbox (I apologize that I am not sure which one I checked - I'm in OS X right now), but it will play Seed of Chucky fine, but when I drop in Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and all it plays is a small window in the upper left hand corner, even when I don't have the TV hooked up to the laptop.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm using the newest versions of both AnyDVD HD and PowerDVD Ultra.
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    Just an update...

    I downgraded to PowerDVD Ultra v7.3 and upgraded AnyDVD HD to the newest beta that just came out yesterday. It appears to be an issue with Universal-only titles, but just some, as like I said, Seed of Chucky played back fine, but 40 Year Old Virgin and Tokyo Drift displayed any VC-1 video as a small window in the upper left hand corner. The discs play fine when AnyDVD HD is not running.

    I'm not sure where the problem is falling, as PowerDVD plays it fine without AnyDVD HD running. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Lucky for you ive had this problem and sorted it out myself as there was no help to be found on the net :(

    With HDDVD it uses a special video memory area (its also why you cant do print screen grabs) and bios defaults are set to 64MB

    HDDVD needs 128MB +, ive set mine to 256MB

    Look for a bios setting like agp spectrum memory or something, if you can find it let me know and ill find out what it is exactly.
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    Only probably is...since I'm on a Mac, they use EFI and not a regular PC BIOS. Is there a setting in Windows that I can turn on, or something that I can adjust in Device Manager?
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    Im not a mac user and there is nothing inside windows you can turn on.
    I sugest asking in a mac forum with my comments as this may be quicker.
    Good luck and post what you had to do to resolve incase we get more people with same problem.