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Small center/Large center


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Jan 28, 2007
I just opened a new stack of printable Memorex +D's and find that they are printable all the way to the spindle hole. My other disks have a large (40mm) center. The part number/SKU on the two packages is the same. I asked the Memorex "tech support" site how to determine what disks are in the package, large center or small center, their answer was that you can't you buy the package and take your chances on what's inside.....
What's your take on this, I'd really like to use the small centers but don't want to just buy a spindle and gamble on whats inside...........
What's your take on this, I'd really like to use the small centers

For future reference what you want is called "printable hub blank media". My "take on this" is that Memorex blank media should be avoided. Use Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden Premium (8x), or Maxell Plus(not regular Maxell, which is junk, like Memorex) blank media.
Hub Printable Verbatim are available from Newegg (8X&16X) for under $20 per 50pk.
Thanks, I'll try Verbatim at "Newegg"
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I have had excellent luck with Taiyo Yuden 8x -R Hub Printable Media from supermediastore.com, they run $36 for a spindle of 100 with free groundshipping. I have not had one coaster in over 700 blanks.