SlySoft shows commercial about CloneCD rip-off -- unwillingly, I guess ...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DizMan, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. DizMan

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    Hi there.

    Today I visited In the left side of the page it said "Ads from Google" (in Dansih). Surprisingly this ad was shown:

    We know all about it, thanks.

    (In english: Get CloneCD - new version for XP/Vista. Get the new version). I was curious and followed the link. One of my anti-malware programs (r u botted) started to display some warnings. The linked page showed screen shots of a program very similiar (identical?) to the CloneCD sold by Slysoft - however the screenshots were in Italian and the commercial in Danish. Strange.

    Well, SlySoft, It seems somebody are trying to "get inspired" by your design - it smells like a hoax or at least something that is not what it claims to be.

    Not only are somebody very "inspired" by your work, Slysoft - they even user your site to promote "their" program :mad:. Just wanted to let you know.

    Slysoft rocks and I'm personally very satisfied with your products and support, so I wouldn't like anyone to use your brand and thereby creating doubt about the quality of your products.

    I hope you'll be able to stop those (false !?!?) ads.

    Kind regards,
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  2. pimpcrapinpeace

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    If you really do not like the ads, Install Adblock Plus (Firefox users only) it blocks all google ads from showing on web pages, as well as a large amount of other ads also.

    Honestly though, most internet users know that the Google ads are not really useful and often are a waste of time.
  3. damnskippy

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    There is an extension of the same name for Chrome (dev branch) that works fairly well though not as good as it does in Firefox. They are not made by the same people either it is just the same name. It can use the same subscriptions as the FF one though and that is good.
  4. Joe

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    Hi DizMan,

    Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

    This appears to be an unfinished clone site. Clone sites imitate popular software product sites in order to:

    • Distribute malware.
    • Collect personal information (phishing).
    • Charge fees for the download of trial versions.
    • Spam the index of search engines or buy popular keywords to redirect potential customers via their website to collect affiliate commission.
    This particular clone site appears to belong to a group that is involved in malware distribution and phishing. Follow the site's "Contact" link, and you are redirected to a site which is known for scam activities.

    Besides writing a notification to the SlySoft support, the best thing to do is reporting the site to community-based website reputation rating sites like:

  5. Pelvis Popcan

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    It happens all over the net. Many legit sites use an ad distribution network to help generate income, but many people use these ad networks to take advantage of security holes for malware distribution and trick people to buying fake or poor quality products.

    Google ads should let site owners block specific ads, but as Joe mentions, it can sometimes take some time before the ad stops showing up.
  6. Clams

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    I warned Slysoft here about the risks (and percieved impropriety) of using those feral "Ads By Google" about two years ago. Obviously the income generated by those ads is more important to them than the fact that most of the ads are for competing software products at best, or scams at worst.