SlySoft products for Linux?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marcelo, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Marcelo

    Marcelo Member


    I would like to have Linux versions of products slysoft, mainly any DVD, clone DVD and clone dvd mobile

    Please develop linux versions!

    There are currently no program to decrypt newest dvds in linux!

    Programs like any dvd are strongly needed!

  2. linx05

    linx05 Well-Known Member

    There won't be any Slysoft products for Linux. Search the forum for answers.
  3. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    Switch over to Windows and bask in the pleasure of AnyDVD. Sounds like you are trying to make them fit around your (and other people's needs) rather than reversing the process
  4. Bobby4

    Bobby4 Member

    I think this is a plea and not a demand. Just "switch over to windows" is alot to ask for someone who does all their computing on a linux box. my girlfriend only has linux, and asking her to switch over would be like telling her to buy a new computer. For me, I still have to dual boot, for one reason alone, and that is slysoft. nothing would make me happier than being able to completely rid my self of windows. I mean, just look at the post by Webslinger about Vista, if you dont understand where we're coming from. But we understand that our boys (and ladies maybe?) at slysoft are working hard all the time to give us the best programs out there:clap:. we're just hoping that maybe sometime in the next few years, when they get some free time, they might consider giving us a port.

    and i think new threads keep coming up because there are many of us who are hoping we could persuade the slysoft team to do this, and we hate to leave it a dead issue. Eventually they may see that there is a market.

    and it is never the consumers job to conform to the companies needs(no matter how much we may love that company:D
  5. bilbo65

    bilbo65 Well-Known Member

    IMO, hardly a viable market for many reasons...
  6. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    I would move over to linux if slysoft and elby products worked on linux as well.
  7. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    yup, the only thing i use windows for is the slysoft suite (and when i'm forced to use outlook at work) although i just use it under vmware so i don't have to polute my linux box.
  8. Bobby4

    Bobby4 Member

    hi sej7278. Ive been curious about this vmware, but I really dont have the time to try and figure it out. having never used virtual machines, it sounds a bit complicated. and i thought i read somewhere on here that slysoft programs were much slower. is this true? or is it worth the effort? maybe you could possibly be a sweetie and give us a little guide, so we can stop all our complaining:D?

    oh yeah, and is there any open source or freeware, or do we have to pay for it?:p
  9. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    vmware is not opensource but it is free:

    i've never noticed any slysoft stuff being slower under vmware.

    i'm not really the tutorial guy, its not hard, you basically install vmware, then there's a gui wizard for creating a virtual machine (how big is the disk, memory to allocate etc.) then you install windows within that - you get a virtual bios etc to boot the cd from, then its essentially windows in a window.

    there's loads of tutorials around i guess, and has a good forum etc.

    there's also kvm, kqemu and xen that come by default with modern linuxes such as fedora8, but getting them to run windows requires a core2duo.

    of course these emulators do let companies like slysoft get away without porting to linux ;)
  10. Bobby4

    Bobby4 Member

    Hey, thanks! thats all i needed to know. you make it sound much less complicated than wikipedia did. Ill have to give it a shot now.