Slysoft Praise; One wish for Christmas

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Poultron, May 7, 2008.

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    One of the most impressive things that secures my faith in SlySoft is their diligence and dedication. They've managed to create a robust, feature-rich software suite that transcends any level of user-competence while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Their commitment and passion to consistently over-deliver allows them to create a premium product whose demand only grows in a stale and saturated market.

    While having my full appreciation and admiration, there is one thing I ask of you, oh SlySoft Santa; include an automatic version checker and updater for the entire software suite, in a future update. All of your dedicated users and fans would agree that the frequency of your updates is impressive and inspiring. We would never ask for fewer updates or a compromise of quality, but an easier way to version check, download and install updates would be overwhelmingly appreciated. A one-stop, one-click service that checks all of your SlySoft products and manages the upgrade process.

    Now I must admit that I'm not a wee babe, nor have I stayed up, eagerly hoping for a peek at Santa in quite a long while. But I do have faith that a delicately crafted wish, presented under the right circumstances, can still have the chance of being fulfilled.

    SlySoft Santa suits are most certainly optional, yet strongly encouraged.