Slysoft Lifetime Key Debate

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by GSR1000K7, May 23, 2019.

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  1. GSR1000K7

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    Let me drop some truth on the die-hards defending Redfox.

    Not honoring Lifetime keys is not legal.

    When you take over a business and or piece of property certain legal responsibilities come with it. This is no different then if you were gifted a free house or piece of land. Has anyone here heard of the Brooklyn Bridge? Well, when you take over that business as Redfox has stated, you are now legally obligated to pay off that businesses debts, unless you can show me some proof of a bankruptcy judgement. In the case of the free house, you may have gotten it for free, but if the water company or the IRS has a lean on the property you must satisfy that debt before you can legally occupy the space and receive your title and CO. Redfox is not a new product, some dudes with the sourcecode to Slysoft created a new domain in order to continue to sell and enhance the existing sourcecode. If you change your name next week to GreyFox that would not absolve you of all your debt to the people who bought lifetime Redfox keys. The product is materially identically from the GUI right down to the sourcecode as admitted by RedFox. This legally obligates Redfox to honor the user agreement and contract of all existing customers with "Forever" Keys. Software companies change their name all the time. BIT9 changed their name to Carbon Black and ditched all the old sourcecode, they later acquired Confer but kept the name Carbon Black but ditched much of the Carbon Black sourcecode, meanwhile my subscription to their services has never skipped a beat. This is the difference between a reputable software company and some smart dudes with a hobby. Don't get me wrong, I love the product, slysoft was great and I still am a huge fan of this product. You guys have done great work and are pioneers of this space. This is why I was an early investor and paid a large fee for the "forever" key. I hate to tell you but registering a new domain name does not legally absolve you from having to honor my "forever" license key. If 80 years from now this product is still being actively developed then yes I would expect my key to continue working, if you go completely belly up in 5 years and the product is no longer being developed then I would have nothing to complain about.

    I also don't buy the stories of slysoft being legally shutdown, if that were true then RedFox would be guilty of Racketeering, which is far worse then not honoring a handful of license keys.
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    ZZZZzzzz ZZZZzzzz
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    We're not going to debate this again. It's all widely documented what happened.

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