Slysoft Convert Blu-Ray to HD-DVD Please Read Formula For Next Gen Clone DVD HD DL

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  1. coolnesscat

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    Here's a great formula for what consumers need and a way for Slysoft to shape the industry.
    # 1 - AnyDVD HD & Blu-Ray Decryption
    # 2 - Clone DVD HD re-compression of HD DVD to Dual layer DVD-R and conversion of Blu-Ray to be playable on HD DVD Player after re-compression on Dual layer DVD and vise versa.
    This can in a sense universalize the formats at least from a back up standpoint. This will be the killer app that SlySoft needs! Infeasible to back up to HDDVD-R or Blu-RayDVD-R. Dual layer DVD-R with adequate compression should suffice. SlySoft or anybody email me your thoughts. Conversion may sound tricky but it should be feasible if the discs can be decrypted.
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  2. BurnerHEAD

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    yeah it's right what you're saying.

    we need CloneDVD HD to burn the ripped HDDVD to either HDDVD-R or to DVD-9.

  3. Charlie

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    There is a few posts on this already and it has been stated that they plan on getting clonedvd2 to back up HD-DVD's, there is no burners for HD-DVD's yet nor any blank media so there is no rush just yet. So why put out a product that can be even tested yet?
  4. old-hack

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    There already is HD-DVD software for creating HD-DVD files that can be burned to existing DVD+R or DVD+R DL media. So the question now is "why not" for compressing HD-DVD or BLUE-RAY content to fit on existing media. It isn't a question of available HD-DVD writers or HD-DVD media.
  5. Charlie

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    I for one don't care to do this, just my opinion as I want to pop a backup in the player and watch the movie without getting up and putting disc 2 in to finish the movie. Bluray is not even a thought at the moment with anydvd hd, well not right now that is.
  6. Androo79

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    The point of HD-DVD and Bluray is the super high quality. You would have to compress it down to 25-50% quality to get it on a dual layer DVD. Your new "backup" would either be the same or worse than a normal DVD you purchased. I guess I just don't see the point.
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  7. DetroitBaseball

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    I don't see the point either with putting an HD-DVD back onto a normal DVD. They are made for better image quality, and that much compression would defeat the purpose.
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    exactly so either slysoft makes a damn good conpressor or DL disc gotta be affortable so their hardly (if any) conpression at all , give it a break guys its new formate i might not even touch it yet , we are just boy cotting dumbness some dvds wont come to one formate for the reason and vice versa so im going to let them roll the dice and once it becomes a standard formate then things change from their and the next big thing will be there again lol
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    Elaboration and Explanation

    Ok, just let me respond to a few replies. The whole point of my initial post is :
    # 1 - To provide a reasonable way of backing up the new high definition DVDs. This means an upgrade in the quality over existing DVDs in terms of resolution. It is reasonable that you can re-compress an HD DVD by approx. 50%. Lets say an original HD DVD is 20-GB, if you re-compress by 50% and strip away some extra content you should be able to burn to 1 dual layer 8.5 GB blank DVD-R which costs $1.75. Although you have compressed 50%, you should still see a great quality increase over standard DVD. You can probably do less compression or adjust the output size by how much you strip away. For example you can just copy the main HD-DVD movie to DL-DVD-R and possibly make a second disc for the special features on a standard DVD-R. Kinda like they do with DVDs now.

    This is what we do now with conventional DVDs. We take a factory pressed Dual Layer DVD which is 9-GB and re-compress it to a single layer DVD-R blank which is 4.5-GB which costs 35 cents and anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the original and re-compressed. So this formula of HD-DVD to DL-DVD seems like a natural transition.

    #2 The second point was that if we can decrypt a Blue Ray Disc and re compress it, then we can convert it to HD-DVD format and burn it to Dual Layer DVD-R , so in a sense we can universalize the format, at least from a backup copy standpoint.

    HD-DVD-R is not feasible for backups now or any time soon. I think burners and media are too expensive. The Only Viable option to gain the benefit of higher quality is Dual Layer DVD-R, which is just now Reasonable for backing up HD-DVDs.
    Even with Dual Layer DVD-Rs available for $1.75, Most People opt for a $0.35 DVD-R and 50% Compression to Backup a Movie!


    Price point is the key! That way if you break or loose a disc you only loose $.35 then you can get your original master, which costs $15 or $20 and burn another, then put the original master away for safe keeping. Same deal for HD-DVD, except now if you loose it or wreck your copy , its on a dual layer so you loose $1,75 Well worth it to protect a $20 to $30 original HD DVD investment. Now we need Slysoft to be the front runner and Do it with Clone-DVD-HD-DL and Any-DVD-HD. Slysoft is the Best all in one solution for DVD Backups !
    This is the next Gen, and this can actually change the industry in terms of format dominance! I am fairly sure if you can back up and convert to one format, that format (Perhaps it has to be HDDVD because I hear it is the only format that can have HD-DVD Content read from a standard Dual Layer DVD-R) will be the successor format that everyone adopts simply by word of mouth. It worked for DVDs, CDs and MP3s. MP3 was an inferior sound quality standard compared to CD Audio and DVD Audio, but copying made it the standard everyone adopted. Most hardware CD and DVD players support MP3, so it just goes to show you how powerful copying can be.

    Non DRM actually promotes and helps mainstream the technology. Its the reason windows exists in the mainstream today because it was on every PC Clone and there were lots of pirated copy's, but microsoft does not just rely on little end users for revenue. They sell to big corps and they can't pirate, they get legit copies, because they can afford to, and want to, because everyone is familiar with windows from a personal standpoint, because they at one time originally owned a PC clone at home, likely with a "Copy" of windows. Kind of like a Dealer, Give it away for free for a while and when they are hooked you will monopolize if you are the sole manufacturer of the proprietary product and you will have many revenue streams including the matured end user who was pirating from you originally!
    let me know what you think?
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  11. gus738

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    i dont think you can translate a hd-dvd to a dvd dl to retain quality on hd rather then reg dvds, AND even *IF* you could use a reg dvd player iT cannot send such high quality from the disc to the drive :doh: due to the video card parts it has inside the board, so therefore it wont project the pixels that really do the magic on what we call "hd" so i dont think this would work but anyone that has a strong hand on this can correct me if im wrong
  12. zarlor

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    That sounds about right to me.

    I'd say CoolnessCat has it about right.

    Plus I would add, for those that suggested otherwise, that Blu-Ray burners, at least, are already on the market. They are just mind-numbingly slow and expensive (as is the media).

    Working with .ts files recorded from over-the-air programming I've found that many HD movies (admittedly with MPEG2 compression for OTA transmission) in the 1:30 range will just fit onto a DVD-R DL with no further compression at all, with Dolby Surround audio (not 5.1). So if, as CoolnessCat suggests, you stick with just wanting to make a backup of just the movie, and especially if it is a short and/or using a low number of audio channels you may very well be able to get away with almost no compression at all. Not too shabby for making a quick backup on cheap media.

    So put me in as another voice saying they like the idea. :)
  13. coolnesscat

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    Some real world examples of HD Compression

    Well let me just clarify that my suggestions on recoding an HD-DVD to a DL-DVD is intended for playback on an HD-DVD player not a standard DVD player so you can get the benefit of HD Resolution.

    You can Get a 360 HD-DVD player for under $200 this is the cheapest way to go just add it to your PC and throw in Power DVD HD or WinDVD HD when ever they decide to release it?
    or get an Xbox 360.

    For example I just viewed a copy of the show Heroes Heroes.S01E10.PROPER.HR.HDTV.XviD-CTU it is in HD 960 X 528 and is 700 Megs for a 45 minute show. It looks damn Good. I mean your talking about better than DVD Quality that can still fit on a CD. Technique is everything. I remember when VCD was released, they had very pixelated video, substandard to VHS & riddled with big blocky Artifacts running less than 1 hour. Laser Discs were Huge and you had to flip them to watch the other half of the movie. How do things like this get to market? Smart Compression is the key. A good Xvid! Now I know that 960 x 528 is half HD but if we double it, we should be able to get full hd at twice the cost 1.4 gig for 45 Min of full HD then if you consider 8.5 Gig Dual Layed DVD and Feature a length movie , which is say 3x = 2 hours 15 min "so far we are up to 4.2 GB " plus Extra features , menus and Audio still space for 4.3 GB It definately sounds Very Doable!

    Don't forget to impliment the Blue Ray Conversion to Hd DVD & vice versa Slysoft!
    I know its all easier said than done but With some good coding and programing you will own the Market and shape it as well!
  14. King8633

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    Need to convert blue ray to avi

    I purchased Meet the Robinsons on Blue-ray last weekend for the kids, I needed to go on a business trip and want to put it on my PMP, I found no method to convert my blue-ray disk to .avi. Are there any tools available to do this yet?
  15. Charlie

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    Not from slysoft, I think there is others but at a badly degraded copy when doing this too?
  16. Adbear

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    Burners are available on Toshiba laptops, And I already have blank HD DVD's and am able to buy them quite easily
  17. joakim_46

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    I don't see why Slysoft should go that way. CloneDVD allows DVD9 to be converted to DVD5, but not to CD. Why should they waste time with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray to DVD? I think the best choice would be a replacement for CloneDVD for HD. Like converting dual layer Blu-Ray to single layer and also with HD-DVD, because dual layer media is far more expensive. But the big problem is having a fast transconding engine. AVC/H.264 is not the same thing as MPEG2 even with modern CPU's it could take a day or more.
  18. James

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    Our plan is to create a "CloneHD DVD" application, which allows you to copy HD DVDs to DVD9 media.
    I don't think my boss can convince me (not even with lots of money) to work on a similar project for Blu-ray. Blu-ray is evil, who bought it shall be doomed. :D
  19. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    You'll get it.
  20. sej7278

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    weird, i just assumed that clonedvd2 or mobile combined with anydvd-hd could already do this. what kind of output files do you get from a hddvd/bd then - not vobs?

    50gb bluray to dvd9 sounds horrible, but 15gb hddvd to dvd9 doesn't seem too bad, note that this would be mpeg2 vobs, not divx.

    i've seen bluray/hddvd converted to 4gb h264 mkv's which are perfectly watchable and fit onto a dvd5, although obviously mobile can't do that (yet?) and it would take an age to transcode i'd think, and the disadvantage there would be that not much could play it other than a pc (maybe ps3/x360?)