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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pete702, Feb 26, 2016.

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    First, I'm shocked to hear that Slysoft is no longer providing their product, a great company offering to provide services to us so we could backup our own Bluray/DVD copies. Personally I own a media player and I want MY movies that I purchased with MY money to watch on my media player instead of the hassle of changing discs on a Blu ray player.
    The MPAA-LA and Hollywood are greedy money hungry people looking not for the interests of their customers but for themselves. Because of what they are doing, I see them doing more damage then good. More people will not be buying their movies because they can't back them up or copy them to their computer or media
    player anymore. Will MPAA and Hollywood stop the few video rental stores from renting movies now?

    The next thing MPAA and Hollywood will do is make a law that it is illegal to borrow a friends movie because they want you to buy your own copy.

    The U.S. should mind their own business at home with the problems they have and not go after other countries.

    AnyDVD was the best product, the team at Slysoft were the BEST! Hope they come back so we could backup OUR OWN BLURAY MOVIES that we paid for.
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    You might want to read the new sticky up top. It might not be over just yet.

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    Thanks Ch3vr0n just found it!
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    People can try and buy those software but NOBODY will ever compare to AnyDVD, besides as James said where do think those other companies got there code from? It'll take weeks if not months before those companies have new movies decrypted.
    Where as Slysoft it could a day or less because of the dedicated team they have. Personally I won't be buying or using any of those other software, I would support Slysoft and their team before investing money into software that may not work.
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    Read the thread I linked to, it started out as an alternate software to AnyDVD thread, and now the talk is AnyDVD might not be dead after all.
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    He he, I wonder whether the one who initially posted that list cared to check its correctnes (leaving Passkey and MakeMKV aside) - some cannot decrypt and the rest are differently colored frontends for the same core.
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    I can't, and don't want to, comment on the accuracy of the "alternative" products. I only mentioned that thread because the reports of the death of AnyDVD might be greatly exaggerated. ;)
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    I got your point. It's just that I've seen so many lists like this on the internet feeding people with BS...
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    The interwebs does allow for people to be mushrooms.

    Kept in the dark and fed .....
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    Did those companies license the technology from Slysoft, or did they reverse engineer it/rip it off?
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    Option 2

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    Hopefully this is not the end of AnyDVD HD. Maybe they find a way to come back. I had paid every 2 years for this fantastic product, my license expires in september 2017. If they could continue under another name, with the same product quality and support, i would repurchase my licence immediately, without a doubt! Please let us know if this happens in the (near?) future.
    If it's not possible to make a 'come-back'... Thank you all for the good work!
    Note for the movie industry: If i can't back-up - legally in my opinion - my own blu ray's anymore (always movie only - i hate the menu's, trailers, ...) and playback with a Dune media player... Then i'll stop buying blu ray's, i will illegal downloading them!
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    I haven't bought any new blu rays lately until yesterday I bought an older movie title that came out. I like to rip them to movie only because I put them on hard drives and watch them that way. It a lot easier then searching for a movie to watch through all my discs that I purchased on a bookshelf. I noticed I couldn't make my copy so I went to slysoft to see if any others where having this issue that when I noticed they were down. I finally figured how to get to the these forums and sad to find out they've been shutdown. I will miss this software because it allow me to take my purchases and put them on hard drives to access easier through a media player. This make me mad at those hollywood big wigs because I believe we should be able to make a copy of a legit piece of software we purchased and be able to put on any media we like. I guess now I will have to put my new discs I purchased the old fashion way in too the blu Ray player which is a pain when you have to search the bookshelf for the media. I just hope hollywood can figure out a way to give us an electronic version without any loss to be played on hard drives, but I know that will never happen because they want us to stream it down. I don't like the streaming because the quality is just not the same and you need a fast speed connection. I'm sad, but hope one day they can come back.
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    All right, I was able to get some legal advice regarding this whole ordeal, but first some question needs to be answered.

    1- What's the status of Slysoft right now? Bankruptcy, closed, undetermined??
    2- Who owns software licenses and source code? Is that person and/or entity still around, viable?

    In all cases, I have been told it would be very hard for that person/entity to come after you if:
    - Move in a different legal jurisdiction (country, state, etc)
    - The product starts under a new name.
    - Stop using the Slysoft hardware infrastructure (servers for example). Decentralizing this part would be a good idea.

    If there's any specific legal question you guys need and answer too, I will try to get the best response.

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    One part has made a move already from this link...
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    That isn't going to be enough space... I'd go with a 8tb HDD seagate that will out hold your USB drives.

    So being neutral they are free from US imposing it's Law on Switzerland on Sovereign nation. But as anything money talks.
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    Saying Elby is still there.