Slysoft Closed thread - bring some definitive closure

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pete702, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. The Higher Bid

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    +1 for that, and with the modern cold-war, I dont see any western association touching them anytime soon.
  2. ron spencer

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    What are you talking about...You are completely missing the point...totally. Geography has nothing to do with it. This could have happened in any country. If the company no longer has control of their intellectual property (that is the program in this case), they can no longer use it. The story you link says nothing, notta, nothing, about the actual case. Just that they are closing in Antigua..for now. We have no idea what happened in the background to have the company close. If they have all signed away saying they will not use the IP again, then that is all. What's done is done...if the IP is done with it, then they just cannot move and start a fresh (this is costly). The developers cannot "keep it going" if they no longer own the IP without reprisal. That is the real question. What does Slysoft own any more? The IP, their servers, their customer database? Nothing in that article links to these pertinent points. If they still own all that, then I suppose they could move, but strings will be pulled no matter where they go, save for a few countries....and no that link from the Antigua Observer says nothing. The devil is in the just doesn't say "hey lets move."
  3. mcmenace

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    No indication anything was taken. Just had to cease selling AnyDVD which they did. If intellectual property was confiscated, don't think we would be here now and especially OPD operational. The developers surely know how to make it work, under another name as mentioned here several times. Time will tell, again, less than a week.

    One thing is for certain, they will conduct no more business in Antigua, so moving or closing is what's left. Perhaps you don't just say "Let's move", on the other hand do you sit there shut down, losing money daily and do nothing?? Door looked to be closed for appeals and delays, that sort of thing. Would bet they have legal counsel to fully explain their options.

    BTW, they should have seen this coming. Charges and/or fines were previously filed.
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  4. Aratar

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    Move to China, where you can still ride roughshod over copyright ;)
  5. ron spencer

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    That is why the OPD running is neat....if they officially admit they have ALL the IP, then it will be interesting the longer run response. They could move if economically feasible, although I am not sure the market is that great for AnyDVD anymore; moving entails fixed costs, let alone family obligations. It may just not be worth it.

    I'm sure they saw it coming. I think James had hinted in other posts there was a contingency plan in place for privacy concerns. Not sure we'll ever hear the full story, but I hope we do.
  6. Warpdrive

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    And..... The reality of a world without AnyDVD kicks in... as I watch MakeMKV not be able to decipher "Victor Frankenstein" Blu-ray..... FML
  7. Warpdrive

    Warpdrive Well-Known Member

    And.... "The Peanuts Movie" as well...... :cry:.... and I thought lionsgate discs were the bane of my existence.... looks like fox discs are as well.
  8. mmdavis

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    Might make purchasing the software harder. It was already difficult for a lot of people with them where they were.
  9. ocd

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    This corresponds to what James said about "Blu-Ray Java protection (mostly Lionsgate): Recent discs (1 year?) need OPD. Older titles work. OPD results are not cached."
    The only screen pass I've been able to test don't fall into that category and seem to work without OPD.
  10. ocd

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    My Bond 50 didn't have screenpass, and it seemed completely happy without OPD. (I'm guessing they were old enough to be in the built-in BDPHash. James said: "Blu-Ray BD+, 20th Century Fox: Recent discs (1-2 years?) need OPD. Older titles work. OPD results will be cached locally...")

    Was yours different?
  11. joilq

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    I don't know which versions you have, but the full untouched blurays have been released online for both lol ...try harder with other tools/ways.
  12. Pelvis Popcan

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    Anyone know what happened to Peer? He hasn't been on the Forums since February 1. :eek:
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    It might be a good idea to set up a backup forum some place in case this one goes down, so people at least have some place to go. (Or at least agree on some existing forum somewhere...)
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    There is the AnyDVD sub-forum that still exists on Myce (CD Freaks) from way back and that's where these forums migrated from. Hard to believe it was that long ago. There's also a CloneBD sub-forum.

    Just throwing it out there since I have always gone there over the years when for whatever reason I had issues accessing these forums.
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    I have said it on these forums already I think and even offered it to elby directly if they want to. I've got registrar access and can set up an (un)official support forum in a matter of moments. Of course the easiest way without data loss would be a database and host folder dump of these forums. Then all accounts and topics would persist. But for now let's hold off and see what elby decides. They are looking at the various options.

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    I've read some posts from a few Team/Ex Team Members recently. It sort of gives the impression there's some sort of hope...
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  17. Prospere

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    Not at all, MasterCard, Visa, etc. are not affected by "sanctions"
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  18. mcmenace

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    I believe that, we'll know probably sooner than later. Gotta pay the bills somehow. (0) money coming in now. Interesting to see what happens to OPD and forums come march 1st. Good to see alternative place to meet.
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    Damn, your avatar looks like Rabbi Snowden.
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    Fox and MGM do not use screen pass. They use BD+ only. And yes, every single one of them downloaded from the OPD. If you already had the files cached they wouldn't need the OPD.