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  1. peterbus

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    In this months issue of "DVD MONTHLY" under the heading piracy poser,a letter from a reader posed a question about piracy,the answer by the editor included the line "a company called slysoft clamed that its ANYDVD programme could bypass some of this (AACS,BD+,ROM MARK?) so you could back-up blu-rays".this cant be good to be connected with piracy,or is anydvd happy with anypublicity.:rock:
  2. lostinlodos

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    Piracy, despite what the MPAA and RIAA want you to believe, involves profiting off of the copying of the disc. SlySoft is not selling bootlegs. So it doesn't matter.
  3. Rusty257

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    AnyDVD also does not copy anything. It allows you to watch your HD movies on your PC without HDCP compliant hardware.
  4. Webslinger

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    If people equate exercising Fair Use rights with piracy, then they're unable to think clearly. Such errors in logic are not Slysoft's problem.
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  5. Rusty257

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    Yeah, what he said.
  6. peterbus

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    I agree 100%,just wondering if a reply should be sent to the mag or let it be and lets all enjoy the freedom,thanks to slysoft and not corporate world

  7. abalamahalamatandra

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    AnyDVD can certainly be used for activities that are illegal in many countries, but then, so can a butterknife. Anyone ever blamed the manufacturer of a knife when it was used to kill someone?
  8. Bigrick

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    i say let it be theres plenty of us here that are exercising our rights and they dont need an explaination from any of us all they can do is deal with it. :rock: they can complain all day long but at the end of the day Slysoft will have the upper hand