SlySoft cant copy a burnt disk????

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by cowboijr, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. cowboijr

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    Has anyone had trouble copying a disk that you've already burnt to a disk, I have tried, but slysoft software seems to only copy original dvd's, but fails to make an extra copy of a copied dvd.....what gives??? will it not allow to clone a COPIED dvd/?? always gives a error, and I am on trial basis with slysoft 21 day trial as a copy software and have bought the dvd sly decoder.
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    If a DVD has alreadly been decoded by anydvd, there is no protection on the brunt DVD. What you more than likely have is a bad copy. Burn a new copy of your original disc.
  3. bilbo65

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    And use high quality discs for all burns....
  4. customshopkv1

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    What is your error message? How old is the copy that you are using? What brand of media is it? What kind of drive and is your firmware up to date?
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    As other people have said, AnyDVD removes the protection on commercial DVDs. Since the backup DVD does not have any more protection you could simply copy it using windows explorer.

    But seeing as though you are using a backup, get out your original and re-rip it.
  6. oldjoe

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    Any DVD burning software will make a copy of a copy. If you are getting errors then you most likely have a defective disc.
  7. cowboijr

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    Cannot copy a copied DVD????

    My nephew (3) just got into my library and destroyed my new "Cleaner" movie by trying to shove it into the VCR..."Yeah" I say, no problem, I have a back up and will burn anothr for the case. Probem, I cannot seem to copy ANY copied DVD's. I have no problem at all making back-up copies of my "ORIGINAL" DVD's....But when I try to copy a copy of a backup just doesnt work. and this goes for ANY copy that I have tried to copy over the years.
    I know something Im doing must not be working. please take a minute to help if you can.....And please, step by step comptor literate as some of you guys....I know this because I read your blog's all the time. *smiling* A screen comes up after what seems forever... and says "cannot burn Disc".

    I'm using the latest DVD HD and Clone DVD
    and my copier is a plextor PX.716UF DVD recorder and computor is a HP s7410n slimline PC
    As I stated...Im having NO problems at all copying my original DVD;s to back up...its just copying a copy of the same movie,
  8. ridhst

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    Two ways to do it

    One is to use CloneCD to make the copy or you can use CloneDVD2 also. If it is a copy that you made with Slysoft before you will not need AnyDVD running. Upgrade to CloneDVD first then reboot the system. I would use CloneCD for the copy of the copy. If it will not burn then try a ORIGINAL with AnyDVD and CloneDVD and see if it will work if not it maybe your burner is going bad. If you have 2 burners try using the other one for burning. Good luck
  9. mike20021969

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    do any of your copies play on the computer?
    if they don't you wont be able to copy them.