SlySoft CAN Keep up! :)

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    I think Slysoft is doing a great job with HD media. And I fully understand why they won't release an universal solution for MKB v4 inside AnyDVD, those guys from Fengtao and other crappy companies copying all their work. Nobody likes to work hard and someone else get the reward, it's not fair. I'm sure soon or later someone from the open-source community will open MKB v4 too.
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    I love this sort of discussion! I would pay good money to have a look around the offices of Slysoft. I am so interested in how it all works. I hope this thread keeps going.

    Will the "remote crack service(tm)" be available for DVDs? A friend of mine would really love to have this feature. I told him you might not see a need for it since the AI Scanner is getting better and better. Just thought I would ask.
  3. James

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    I don't think it'll be necessary for DVDs, but "brain files" would help with DVD, protections, yes.
  4. researchy

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    But how can you avoid traitor tracing? Wouldn't AACS-LA just send you carefully crafted requests until they figure out what key you're using? As I understand it, that's even easier than trying to rip the processing key out of your binary.
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    Right... and how do your paying customers who use AnyDVD HD in their offline "home entertainment" PC's benefit from this?
    Furthermore, what's to stop someone writing a Freeware tool that simply replicates what your program does (ie connects to your server and requests the "remote crack service(tm)"?

    No this doesn't sound like a very good idea to me. Not to mention Canada may pass a new law, and storm iweb and suddenly your server is down (or they could take a server offline because some other website you don't even know about is breaking the law).

    Personally I think you shouldn't worry so much about it - and focus more on providing the best service. Even if a compeditor gets keys from hacking into your product, they will not be able to respond as quickly to new encryptions, nor provide the same overall service. Look at - do you think they worry about (which sells copies)? Of course not! And I don't imagine your company ever facing as big a threat as that!

    I hope that you would only use this as a short-term thing, and that you'd see it as redundant once other's have succesfully cracked what your code does as well.
    You say this, even though DVDFab is hosted in the same datacentre as Slysoft?
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    Those without connectivity would have to wait a week or so for the next update. No big deal.

  7. Clams

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    I don't think so. So long as the private side key is kept secure... it outta be able to be "used" without being ID'd... I think...

  8. James

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    Client authentication? Public key encryption?

    We have many mirrors around the world. If one goes down, two new pop up.
  9. deaacs

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    Actually, they could do that easilly - imagine, they've created a 10 minute clip and encoded it with AACS using only a single key... they create one of these for every key they have, and try to decrypt with anydvd hd ... all the keys it decrpted they revoke.
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    It's really a shame what's happened to Canada... hell, people probably used to think we were Communists. Now we're out there with our high dollar, capitilistic ideals and conservative government pimping Alberta's Oil left and right, lol. What happened to the good old days?
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    I would hope that this is the case, that once the MKBv4 keys become outdated, or someone else steps up to the skill level of slysoft, the whole decryption engine would be included in ANYDVD?
  12. James

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    Just to clarify some things: AnyDVD HD Customers won't notice much of a difference. Why?

    All AnyDVD HD versions contain a database of all MKBv1-4 discs, regardless if AnyDVD can crack these titles using device keys or processing keys or whatever means are necessary.
    Why? This is done to protect the investment of our customers. Imagine this:

    AnyDVD can decrypt MKBv1-3 titles with authentication and all that complicated AACS stuff. Now a new disc comes along (MKBv4). You insert the disc in your drive, and now the MKBv1-3 host certificates are blacklisted in the drive.
    If you now insert an old disc which worked previously, it won't work any more because AnyDVD can't authenticate itself any longer. Your complete HD DVD and Blu-ray collection suddenly became useless.

    To prevent this, AnyDVD has *always* stored individual information for every disc. Even if we go bankrupt or Sony bribes my CEO with 200 million US$ or if the US marines invade Antigua, every disc which worked when you purchased AnyDVD HD will continue to work.
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    I think I hear this idea before. Maybe from studio? Maybe they need to have pay and you also. :)
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    Sound like BD+ :p
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    From a swedish site called

    Of course I can translate it for ya if you want. Because I think
    there isn't many swedish persons here I assume. Because
    SlySoft Forum is an english community.

    From article translated:

    Bluray-encryption soon cracked

    Softwaredeveloper SlySoft claims that the companys latest version of
    AnyDVD circumvent AACS-encryption MKBv4. They have also found a way
    to crack the encryption protection BD+.

    When AnyDVD was released earlier in the week was the big bait that the program now was able to circumvent the latest version of Media Key Block, MKBv4, an important part off the encryption with blu-ray and hd-dvd movies.

    Modern movies have however also another encryption protection called BD+
    that holds for more advanced. SlySoft means that the protection also is cracked and in the present they polish the detalis.

    In a statement James Wong, developerdirector at SlySoft says. "We have already found a way to crack BD+ and now we are keep polishing it."
    He also add that the company expects to have a new version of AnyDVD
    finish by the end of the year with this function.

    All this is of course not allowed neither in the USA or in Europe. So for that reason it isn't strange that SlySoft is registered at the westindian island called Antigua.

    Sorry if my english translation isn't so good...:)