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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by RPLC1976, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I have recently rebuilt my media centre and put a new DVD/CDRW RICOH MP9060 into it.

    I tried ripping a DVD just now and it said it was going to take over 30 minutes! I tried the same DVD on my normal PC and that said approx 10 minutes.

    The DVD drive is on it's own IDE cable and channel. I have swapped IDE cables with the cable the has the OS Disk on it, just in case there was a problem with the cable. The machine boots just the same but the ripping is still very slow. The drive is jumpered as MASTER. Should it be CS?

    I have flashed the DVD drive to the latest I could find - 1.90 but it's still very slow.

    Have I just choosen a SLOOOOW drive or is there something in the BIOS or within Windows that I have missed? I've checked that DMA support is on for that IDE channel.

    Any ideas as I rebuilt this media centre so that it would be easier for me to rip DVDs.


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    Yes, it has a 4x dvd read speed. I have no idea how you even found a new one. That drive is ancient.
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    Mmm....that will explain things.


    Can you recommend a decent DVD/CDRW combo drive please?


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    @ RPLC1976,

    Why do you want a Combo Drive? Suggest reviewing exactly what a Combo Drive actually is ->

    Suggest up-scaling your search to a modem up to date DVD Bruner. The Pioneer DVR-112D, Pioneer DVR-115D, and Samsung SH-S203N are excellent DVD Burners. Suggest reviewing CD Freaks, CDRInfo, and CDRLabs Web Site reviews for detailed information.