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    I have had this issue for some time but NOW I have had enough. 99% of all copies I have made have 5-10 second skips in them. For example, I copied saw 3 with no problems but had 10 seconds skips thru entire movie. I almost always end up with at least 15 skips every movie. Most start out within first few minutes. Some last entire movie, some last first half or so. I am not running any other programs while ripping or burning. Windows Xp 1Gb ram 2-200GB sata raid Sony 16X dvd burner with latest firmware....using memorex,tdk,fuji,Ritek..used -r and +r ...latest CloneDVD2 and ANydvd i said it has been happening for sometime so its not any one revision of anydvd that has been the problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry you're having this problem - it must be very frustrating. However, AnyDVD is not the problem. It's your burner and/or media. I've never cared for Sony burners, or any of the media you mentioned, for that matter.

    Guaranteed fix for your problem: Get a NEC, LG, Lite-On, or BenQ (if you can find one) burner, then use nothing but Taiyo Yuden media.

    Case closed.
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    Try TY or Verbatim media and burn at half the rated speed (i.e. 16x disc burn at 8x). ;)

    p.s. I think 8x or 12x will give you the best results.
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    Try some better media.