skipping freezing discs!

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by bemana, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Not having any problems on my system and neither are my friends.

    Sounds like a dying burner to me, especially if your backups worked before.
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    so am i to expect 2-4 month life spans out of burners?

    then why do 9 of 10 copies work great? shouldn't i anticipate some consistency to a hardware failure?
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    Burners can go bad.
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    i don't think that's the problem. this is a cop-out

    noone cares to address the issue - i looked back, this is the 3rd burner i've replaced on advice of this forum - they work great outside of a disc here and there - i guess i'll just report this sh$t
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    Did you read the thread I posted that has advice on what to do?
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    What's the problem exactly? And are you going to answer questions, post your filters, or just complain in general?

    "9/10" work. So that's a 90% success rate. 10 bad blanks out of 100 . . . so maybe you ran into some bad blanks.

    You claim someone recommended lh-18a1p for you on the forums? Who? Not me.
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    There are a number of causes for disks to burn with skips or freezies aside from getting a lot of spindles that have bad dyes/flaws. One common cause is an ineffective power supply box (failing/dying or not enough wattage for your current system which you've probably upgraded with another burner, etc.). A second cause is a failing fan that is intermittently working under the hood. A possible third cause is the IDE cable isn't making a good connection or failing. Skips or freezies on burns are usually hardware related or a bad lot of disks. Trust me, it is not unusual to get a number of bad spindles of disks ... I got 800 bad disks out of a 1,000 lot bulk order back in January. It was simply a bad bulk lot from the factory. I know they are bad since none of my four pc's will burn on some of them or will burn and give me the skips and freezies. Those disks were cut with a dull blade making a bumpy ridge along the edge of each disk, which attempts to file off still rendered no viable disks. Other bad disks you can hold at an angle and view dye imperfections (some harder to see than others). Other than bad disks, I would suspect mostly the power supply box being first to address since most average ready-made pc's install the cheapest brand and most minimal wattage needed to power the system (so if you add another burner, for example, the blowout clock is ticking on your system). Also, sometimes one of the cables on the power supply box is defective (a power supply tester can't test for that). It is possible for a software program conflict going on as well, but I would suspect something more hardware related.