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Sin City - No Audio


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Feb 27, 2007
Hi Folks!

This is not an emergency. I'm still in my trial period with just a few days to go. So far I have been very happy with the AnyDvd software and CloneDVD. I've been able to back up approx 15 of my store bought DVD's with only two coasters (I had some other software running in the background when CloneDvd was writing the movies). Yesterday, I was backing up Sin City and was successful but no audio. Tried again, and backed it up, but again no audio. Any ideas? The original has audio and has only been viewed twice before. Also, have the lastest versions of AnyDvD and CloneDVD.

I know I should give media type info and all that, but this is not a pressing issue at this time. Just Curious.

Verify your audio selections in CloneDVD2 to insure the stream has not been inadvertantly deselected.
Are you sure didn't select the dts track by mistake? Dts will produce no sound unless you have Dts sound equipment.
Thanks Sneakers

I believe you are correct. I'll double check when trying out tonight. Weird thing is, I did not de-select/select anything. All I do is choose between simple and ALL titles.


Thanks. Read that after I sent in my reply to sneaker.