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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by hdtvjeff, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. hdtvjeff

    hdtvjeff Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Netflix works perfectly, LOVE it and anystream

    Have not tried Amazon yet but I have a silly question so forgive me:

    I can only download prime video which Amazon allows me to view; I cannot download eps of a series that they charge for, right?

    Also hoping this program adds batch functions as well as support for CBS all Access and Hulu too.

    Thanks !
  2. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    yes u can download paid for titles to from all amazon sites uk, us etc and amazon cbs,itvhub, starzplay etc
  3. hdtvjeff

    hdtvjeff Well-Known Member

    Sillier question, once I pay for those titles to view or without paying ?

    Also are you referring to CBS ALL ACCESS?

    Thank you!
  4. rpimonitrbtch

    rpimonitrbtch Member

    You can download titles they charge for.... IFF you've paid for them.
  5. hdtvjeff

    hdtvjeff Well-Known Member

    Thank you but how do you do CBS, there is not tab in anystream for that; just netflix and amazon
  6. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    This is not possible yet. He is talking about the CBS All Access Channel ON Amazon.
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  7. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    CBS Via Amazon US Subscription u need a amazon us account and cbs subscription on amazon us to, im currently downloading lots of tv shows from amazon, cbs, etc :)
  8. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    yes i am as its best quality on amazon and better audio to
  9. hdtvjeff

    hdtvjeff Well-Known Member

    Wish there was a way to freely download the pay to view tv eps with anystream but thanks for the advice
  10. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    there is but u still need to subscribe to cbs, britbox, etc on amazon
  11. hdtvjeff

    hdtvjeff Well-Known Member

    I meant like the the TV show NCIS on Amazon; $1.99 an ep even if you have Prime
  12. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    I believe that AnyStream is not designed to get past paying for items but instead allows you to download anything you have access to (pay for eps if required). I may be wrong but i am sure that i will be corrected by post.
  13. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    No you're correct, AnyStream can't/won't give your automatic access to titles that aren't by default included in prime. Once you've paid for a title (whether it's rental or purchase), AnyStream can then access the title but you must have access to the title BEFORE you open AnyStream!

    If you purchase a title from within the AnyStream browser window it won't work unless you access a different page first and then go back, to or restart AnyStream.

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