silly me and Samsung HT-Q100


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Feb 26, 2007
Hi Poeple
I recently bought a samsung HT-Q100 without checking it out properly.took the thing home just to realise it plays only dvd - if that was not enough it does not play copied dvds i dont know if it is this css thing it is supposed to have.the thing looks good and i really want to keep there a crack or something that will allow it to play the copied dvd's
You can use -R media or change the Book-Type of +R media. Taht will allow your backups to play on the -R player. All DVDRW's are not capable of Book-Typing. What brand of DVDRW do you have?

hello old joe
how do i change the book type of dvd+ i have loads of dvd+r's in all sorts of brands
i did a copy yesterday with a dvd -rw and removed the analog protection system in any dvd and it played with no problem on my system
I guess this means it does not remove the css key that the system is supposed to look for.
the only annoying thing is all the dvd+r's that i have that will not play

hope i am thinking straight

muncho gracias
What brand is your DVDRW? All DVDRW's are not capable of changing Book-Type.