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Discussion Silicon Power NVMe 4TB

Here's an update to my post. I heard back from Silicon Power Support. The reason the hard drive light stays on is they called it a power on light. Also it had a direct conflict with my Crucial SSD's. I sent all of the Power SSD's back and reordered all Crucial SSD's now all my problems have disappeared. Not sure what the purpose for them do this but it didn't work in my systems.
You sent that bargain back because of some LED not flashing correctly? :unsure:
You sent that bargain back because of some LED not flashing correctly?
Actually it hosed up my systems. Windows stopped responding. Crucial was actually a few dollars cheaper than Power. So it really wasn't a bargain.
Plus the fact that it's a quality drive. It has an E-18 (B47R) Phison controller, the best Its native PCIe Gen 4, 8-channel controller is manufactured on TSMC’s 12nm node and features a trio of Arm Cortex R5 processors in conjunction with a pair of proprietary Phison CoXProcessors, for five total cores. It supports capacities up to 8TB and End-to-end Data Path Protection, Smart ECC with Phison’s 4th Generation LDPC Engine, and Hardware AES (AES 128/256 bit), SHA (160/256/512), and RSA 4096 with full support for TCG Opal 2.0 and Pyrite encryption. Peak transfer rates are expected to be in the 7.4GB/s range -- give or take. The thermal pads on the heatsink did a number on the markings on the various chips populating the PCB. If things were easier to read, what you’d see are eight pieces of Micron B47R 176-Layer 3D TLC NAND operating at 1600 MT/s, along with the Phison E18 controller and a couple of pieces of SK Hynix DDR4 RAM. This type of configuration is what we’re likely to see on next-gen, high-end, enthusiast-class SSDs. The B47R media on this drive will be available in two grades: media grade and Fortis. This drive uses Fortis grade media, which is the higher performing of the two and most likely to be used on premium E18 SSDs moving forward. It is very fast and I really like it. For this price it's really a deal, other places that sell this drive have it for almost 400 €
Great, thanks.