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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by dougjn, Sep 2, 2007.

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    What I suggest you ofter as a CloneDVD option is to split long movies that require lots of compression onto two discs. I normally wouldn't do this. But when movies are super long (e.g. over about 2 hrs 15min) and show up as getting deep into orange or even red quality levels, I'd like to be able to have the option to copy uncompressed onto two discs.

    Yeah I know I could buy dual layer blank discs but so far the two small packs I've tried on my year old Sony DVD recorder that supposedly supports dual layer copying haven't worked and they're also WAY more than twice as expensive. Since it's a rare thing, I'd far rather just be able to copy to two regular one sided DVD blanks when I need to.

    The break should be at the last chapter break before compression is necessary. (The move maker has created chapter breaks as supposedly "natural" break points, so why not use that?)

    This would be a MAJOR increase in functionality, but I suspect not so hard to do, software wise.

    We're about half way through watching a real oldie, well before our time, El Cid, as copied onto a DVD blank, mostly because it has a young Sophia Loren (late 20's) plus is otherwise pretty decent in the grand epics of the day style. We're watching on an excellent 42" LCD HDTV with a progressive scan DVD player.

    The quality of this one stinks. REALLY blurry. Why? It's real obvious. It's over three hours long (and as well is super widescreen, which causes radical letterboxing even on a wide HDTV screen).

    So here's an example where the thing is borderline unwatchable w/out this option. I've had many other less extreme, but clearly noticeable cases come up.
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    Converting DVD-9 to two DVD-5s is a good option to have.
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    err umm

    I have been backing up all my dual layer discs to two single layer using the editing function in Clone DVD. If in clone dvd after selecting the drive, you are given the title sets, you click on the scissors below the display screen it call up the chapters. I remove last chapters and some title sets to get 100% quality after copy burn of those sets go back to the title sets using the back button, left click the top group of chapters select invert all for splitting, remove extras till 100% achieved and burn 2nd disc.
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    you can already use clonedvd to split to 2 discs.
    open the movie in clonedvd2 then select the scissors icon.
    drag the slider right hand slider back (this removes chapters) until the quality bar is at 100%.then burn the disc.then when it's burned disc 1 (as it were),click the back button to go the screen with the scissors.move the right hand slider all the way to the right,then drag the left slider to the point (chapter) the that the right slider was.then you can burn disc 2.



    doing it like this,you can normally leave all the extra's included on both discs too.
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    @ dougjn,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    CloneDVD already has the option of splitting Commercial DVD Movies into two parts.

    Suggest reviewing the CloneDVD User Manual which is available by clicking on the “Help” icon located top right hand corner of CloneDVD start screen and look under the topic “Splitting”.

    Also suggest reviewing Forum Member Zebadee’s CloneDVD User Guide ->

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    Thanks for the tips on copying a long dual layer DVD to two single layers. It works!!

    I still think it would great if there were a simpler and more automated option, along the lines I suggested. As I envision things one would still decide whether he wanted to copy only the main title and what soundtacks and subtitles, etc. But then it the "copy to two disks to avoid compression" option is chosen, the software would automatically choose the breakpoint, and automatically prompt to reinsert the original disk after the first disk copy is made.

    Still, the method you all have outlined does work, and I appreciate your pointing it out to me.