Sierra/Hoyle Games and GJ4112

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    I can't get the old (1995) Hoyle games (Classic Games, Classic Board Games, Poker, etc) work with GJ 4112. I can make a copy of the CD and the copied CD works. I can create a profile and it seems to work. The game will play for a while, then I get an error as the game tries to access the disc for info. I have tried Safedisc and Securom to no avail. ProtectionID skips the exe and does not show anything. I have tried the extended profile as well to no avail. I find it odd it doesn't work with such old games. Log attached.

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  2. matthew

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    Try creating the profile with image mode enabled.
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    Hi, I am trying to get GJ to work with the newest Hoyle 2010. I am missing how to create a good DVD backup BEFORE GJ installation, can someone clue me in? I also have CCD.

    I posted more info to another thread before I found this one. Here is the other thread, TIA:

    Clarification: I own the original, I want to make a backup that will successfully perform an installation. I'm not looking for bootleg or warez, Thanks.
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    Any software that can create a copy of the DVD will allow you to create a backup of the DVD that can be used for installation. However this backup cannot be used to start the game or create a GJ profile, for this you will need the original DVD.
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    OK, Thanks, but what software would that be, maybe CCD? And if it's CCD, what 'settings' should be used?

    Also, what about the comment by Daemon in the other thread where he/she said that CCD can't be used to backup newer discs? Sorry for the questions, but I have all the tools but not the know-how. TIA.
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    Well that depends on what "backup" means. You can create a backup of most games CD / DVD, however this is not a true backup. What is backed up is the valid data on the disc (i.e. setup files, game files etc).

    So from this backup you could installed the game, use the disc with games that require content during game play etc.
    However this backup will not work with the games copy protection. The copy protection features cannot (as a rule) be backed up and re-burnt (hence the need for Game Jackal).
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    matthew, thanks. So, from the perspective of a DVD that does not have a key (as in the Hoyle DVD), I should be able to use the backup DVD created by CCD forevermore without the original, both for installation and THEN for GJ profile creation and discless gameplay?

    By way of explanation, I bought my wife a Lenovo U350 for her birthday, it is a netbook without optical media and I am trying as hard as I can to keep her from hooking up a USB DVD while she plays the Hoyle DVD I bought her.