Sicario Multiple Playlist

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  1. This looks to have more than one playlist

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  2. Can anyone tell me what the correct playlist is?
  3. k3rrywebster

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  4. obriens2

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    For my Netflix disc, I used PowerDVD and ProcMon to see that it was 945.mpls - Other threads now say the same.
  5. Pete

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    This disc has been fixed, check your AnyDVD status window
  6. Wryker

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    Hm - just tried it and no playlist shows up in the Status window and PowerDVD still showing a ton of playlists.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    Then you have a different version and you need to provide an anydvd logfile. Without it we can't help you
  8. KYThrill

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    My copy of Sicario doesn't report any playlist with AnyDVD Since it is reported to work, and mine doesn't, I'm assuming I have a different disc. I've attached the log file.

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  9. Pete

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    Try again, please, how is it now?
  10. KYThrill

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    Reports 945 as good playlist now.