Shut Down after Download(s)

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Powerage1964, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. Powerage1964

    Powerage1964 New Member

    Hy there, it would be nice if there would be a possibility for an automatic
    shutdown of the PC after Download(s). Do you work on this?
  2. PeterS

    PeterS Member

    When you DL, you know, when it will ending.

    I'm using for this "SleepTimer Ultimate". On a simple GUI you set the shutdown and the programm shutdown your PC.
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  3. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    We do not work on this yet. But I agree - this may be a nice to have feature.
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  4. zer0c0de

    zer0c0de Member

    +1. IMO, this should be a must have feature considering the varying time AS needs and it takes to complete a download.
  5. X86_64

    X86_64 Member

    As soon as the CLI (maybe, possibly?) comes out, we'd be able to hook in to the returns and implement it ourselves. Or even just go "AnyStream <name> && shutdown -s -t 0 -f" to shut it down after the download.
    A cli would do wonders.

    Anyway just open cmd and type "shutdown -s -t <seconds goes here> -f" if you want to shutdown your pc after x amount of seconds. 3600 is an hour, 3600x3 would give you three hours etc.
  6. X86_64

    X86_64 Member

    In general we, as a community, would be able to add a ton of features ourselves with a CLI version.

    Season downloader? No problem. Code a basic scraper, get the episodes from some meta data site or otherwise get a list of episodes, script AnyStream to go through the list and done.
    Shutoff after download? No problem. Queue a shutdown after the AnyStream command
    Check for already downloaded files? Sure, setup a bash script
    Re-name output? No problem. Script the newest added file after download from the AnyStream command..

    It would be perfect... Please redfox, give us the freedom to implement out own features with a CLI version
  7. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

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  8. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    Not sure you (or anyone) should be speaking for the "community". While I too think this is a good idea I prefer to have other new functionality prioritized. Personally, I am not at all interested in spending time writing scripts for AS. If you are that's fine and dandy but understand not everyone is and some folks like myself rather see additional providers and added stability (for example) added before a CLI version.

    And in all honestly, I cannot imagine the can of support worms that would open for a small team of folks.

    Just my 2 cents on the topic.
  9. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    This will be up to Prospere and Redfox. Nothing will get done unless it is authorized by Redfox and Prospere. So please everyone have a little bit of patience. It will all work out. The priorities are handled by the Developers. No one else.
  10. X86_64

    X86_64 Member

    One can dream :)
  11. MadMopar

    MadMopar Well-Known Member

    +1 for sleep mode. When you can get around to it, of course.

    I had actually planned to add a request liek this but never got around to it yet.

    Like Redfox 1 & DarkQuark said, higher priorities.